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lil weasel

I have not heard of those.

Which Game did you buy, what version?

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PS3 REMASTERED/XBoX or the GTASA Mobile Edition ?

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Free wasted/busted - you don't get charged (and don't lose your weapons maybe?) after wasted/busted. Those are perks from girlfriends.

Fast reload - CJ reloads weapons faster. I believe this is obtained after scoring a specific code in the shooting range.

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0331: set_player $PLAYER_CHAR fast_reload 1

Fast reload is a legacy code from Vice City (shooting range reward, iirc) that still functions somewhat in San Andreas (unused in SA). Weapons with skills are not effected in SA, so this only seems to apply to rockets and rifles. It's basically a rapid fire mode.


0414: set_free_health_care $PLAYER_CHAR to 1

This opcode is used only in Bloodbowl. If CJ dies during the mission he will respawn outside the stadium and will not be charged money for the death or lose weapons, but a death is still recorded in the stats. There is no opcode associated with Free Busted Once.


I'm not sure how these flags actually work. I suspect they allow the mission scripts to skip the busted/wasted check and continue with the mission failed routine, usually. Experience with Bloodbowl suggests it's possible for this flag to work during the fade out after completing the mission.


Other notes:

  • I have a vague memory of an exploit that can allow the player to keep the Free Wasted flag active after the mission.
  • It is possible for CJ to die during the fade out from Bloodbowl and respawn like normal with a wasted stat without any clue that CJ was wasted. So if you care about perfect stats it is a good idea to check the wasted count before saving.
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