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"Weekly" Interviews #42

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This week's guest is the Chain Game Deputy Chief and Snapmatic Competition Judge @TubewayArmy.

Jimmy: What initially brought you to GTAForums?
TubewayArmy: Hello everyone. Originally I joined because I had simple question regarding retail version of Vice City. That was back in 2013, but I already knew GTAForums and was lurking there for many years. In 2014 I discovered The Chain Game but became fully active only a few months later after GTA V came out on PC.

As a member of the community for over 4 years, what's your opinion of the community?
The community is one of the main reasons why I'm still part of the forums. GTAForums is huge place so obviously I don't know everyone but the people I got to meet are awesome.

You can find me usually around GTA III & Vice City sections where we run The Chain Game (If you don't know what it is, make sure to check it out! We love to get new players!) with GTAKid667 and 123robot, who joined for the Round 85 of GTA III a few weeks ago and was already huge help to have around. Many more players are in some way helping with running the Chain Game too, contributing with making useful tools or coming up with new ideas.

Then there is Snapmatic Competition where we have small but wonderful team too. We have new theme every week so if you want to participate, we will be happy to see your snaps. There wasnt many entries from Old Gen consoles lately, but Current Gen and PC is still kicking strong.

And last mention that deserves to be made is Leone Family Mafia which I was blessed to join last year.

Could you tell us more about your username choice?
I discovered Gary Numan (who was the lead singer of Tubeway Army) thanks to GTA Vice City and the song Cars played on Wave 103 (which is where my profile pic came from; if you don't know, it's the DJ Adam First). And because TubewayArmy is one of my favorite bands, I went with this one.

What do you enjoy most about the community?
I feel like I'm going to repeat myself there but what I enjoy about the community most is the Chain Game. Some people might find it weird to play III and Vice City over and over again but the people around make it so much fun. We also started streaming our turns so we can watch each other play so that makes it even better.

Last month we took streaming to yet another level and started speedrunning too. We had two races in Vice City and one in III.

Which forum member(s) do you feel the closest to?
To the one I speak with pretty much on daily basis. They know who I'm talking about. *wink wink* Then again, there are many other great people without which life wouldn't be the same.

Picture this; you've suddenly become an Admin here on the forum. What do you do first?
I would put huge banner with Chain Game advert on main page!

You've been playing the GTAF Chaingame for some years now. What inspired you to join "it" in the first place?
That's good question. I play GTA since early 2000's and even before joining the Chain Game I had thousands of hours in III & Vice City. So it felt like something obvious to join other people playing this game because I thought that it's great idea to play it this way.

I joined in Round 35 and already from this one round I have one memorable memory. When I joined it was near the end of the round but there were still some Hidden Packages left to collect. A few days passed and we were still missing the last one so I went to look for it. To my luck, I went through 99 locations only to find that the one missing is at the last place I was yet to visit. Didn't participate in following two rounds but I have streak going from Round 38. Later I was invited to join the Chain Game Staff and we revived Vice City Chain Game.

What's in the future for the Chain Games?
I can't say much but we *might* be planning something special for Round 100 of the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game, which might take place this year already, if we have such a great year again as was 2017, where we broke the fastest round record couple of times and had many new players join.

I was also allowed to reveal that we are preparing for launch of the Starter Save Rounds in Vice City at some point this year. There is a lot of background stuff going on, we had one player make awesome tool that generates statistics tables for each round so that saves us bunch of work. And there is much more going on such as fixing some broken stuff in old rounds, incorrect statistics etc.

What's your favorite Grand Theft Auto or R* title?
Equally GTA III and Vice City. I can't choose only one because they both have special place in my heart. III was the first GTA which I got to play, had loads of fun. Funny story is that I first played it when I was small kid and couldn't speak english so I was stuck at the beginning of the game in mission Mike Lips Last Lunch where you put bomb in Idaho. I didn't know what to do when you arrive back at the Marco's Bistro so I was stuck in Portland. Vice City I love for its 80s atmosphere and soundtrack.

Tell us more about the person behind your alias. Any favorite interests, hobbies, music, and so on?
II studied photography so that's one of my interests. As you probably know by now, I like GTA a lot so I'm collecting things related to this game (my first post/thread on GTAForums was actually about it).
My other big passion is Ferrari with F50 being my favorite model.

Vice City helped to form my music taste, I started listening to 80s music thanks to this game, favorite genres are New Wave and New Romantic, but I also like Disco, Funk, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country and more. Let's put it this way: there isn't single track on VC Soundtrack which I don't like.

Any final comments or shoutouts? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
I would like to thank all players of the Chain Game and all participants in the Snapmatic Competition. If you are interested in GTA III & Vice City or V, make sure to visit these sections and maybe even take a turn or post your snapmatic too! And also big thanks to Jimmy for this interview opportunity! *waves*


@Jimmy - Interviewer

- Graphics Assistant

Edited by Jimmy
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