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Pegorino's Redemption (Vol. I)

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Hi, this story was written originally in Spanish, my first language. I hope it didn't lose its essence in the translation. As well, I'm not a native English speaker and I'm not used to write such long texts in this language, so I apologize for any mistakes it could contain as I had to use -or at least I try- a vey literaly writting, I hope these fails won't be numerous and the story will be readable and understable, also I'm not familiarized with English punctuation rules, so I guess I have to apoligize again. I think there's nothing else to say, so let's get started and I hope you enjoy it.


Pegorino's Redemption is a story that takes place in HD Liberty City three years after GTA IV's and EFLC events.


It's starred by Tony Sobrado, a criminal from Alderney who returns home after serve in a Texas prison.


When he comes back, he find the Pegorinos broken down and a change in 'Guernsey' criminal underground's balance of power.



(VOL. I)



November 20th 2011, Tony Sobrado was in his cell looking the outside from a picture window covered by the smoke of a Redwood cigarette. What led him to this situation? Well, let's tell his story to find out.


It starts in a Texas State Prison, where our protagonist: Tony Sobrado from Alderney, was imprisoned after being caught on a money laundering operation for Jimmy Pegorino in El Paso. He was sentenced to twelve years for that and for weapons possession. Finally he was released such a day as March 3rd 2011.


He was set free with almost nothing: the same clothes he wore when entered, a Redwood cigarettes package and a key that opened a post office box where 500 bucks were waiting for him.


He went to Dallas airport where he took a flight to Francis International Airport in Liberty City. He was wishing be back home, there had happened a lot of things while he had been out.


The plane landed at 13:00 on the airport, where he took a taxi to his old apartment in Edison Avenue in Acter.


When he crossed the Hickey Bridge he felt in home at last, nothing seemed to have change, the same grey sky, the factory smell and the traffic jamming the road.


He arrived to his apartment and saw that his car was still parked in front of the main door; he walked up and looked in the bedside table drawer, where he found his old Glock, dirty and weathered, so he cleaned and oiled it up. After this, he called an old friend.


Bobby: Yeah? Who is it?


Tony: Bobby. What's up, man? It's Sobrado, I'm back.


Bobby: Sobrado? Tony Sobrado? I thought I will never see you again. I heard you were caught at Texas and assumed you wouldn't come back to Alderney.


Tony: And why you thought that?


Bobby: There's not much to do here.


Tony: I heard about Jimmy. Who are ruling the biz currently?


Bobby: Frankie Gallo.


Tony: Frankie f*cking Gallo? You must to be kidding, he's half retarded.


Bobby: He stayed in his uncle business at the docks; the Five Families divided the remains among them.


Tony: And where can I find him?


Bobby: He's usually at Mario's old Ice Cream Shop, which is a Café now.


Tony: Ok, Bobby; I'll take a look. See you around.


Tony grabbed his car keys and walked down to the street, he was wondering if the car would still work, it didn't; battery out. So he took a bus to Leftwood and once there went to the café.

At his arrival, he said hello to Mario and ordered a coffee. Tony liked the new café, it was much better than the old ice cream shop.

Frankie: Hey, Tony! Good to see you, man. Bobby called to say you were coming.

Tony: He told me you run Bell's biz now.

Frankie: Yes, or I try...

Tony: Problems?

Frankie: Well, there are always problems, you know? I owe Zito money; Pavanos roam at ease on Alderney...

Tony: You borrow money from a Liberty Mafiosi? I didn't think you were so unwise, Frankie.


Frankie: I need the money, Tony: my mom is still sick and my sister is finishing college, and if you add my wife and son to equation, it results in a hole in my pocket. My Uncle is on the run and most of Jimmy's crooks are dead or behind bars. Now, each buck I earn goes to Gambettis and I've had to give up the south section to them. But if you look in the bright side, we're so low down that feds totally ignore us.

Tony: And what about old partners, what happen with that Jew from the city?

Frankie: Roth?

Tony: Yeah, I made business with him; I've always heard you can earn good money with his diamonds.

Frankie: Ray ordered his death.

Tony: f*cking Boccino, he got what he deserved. And there isn't anybody else?

Frankie: Nobody, half of the city got bad blood with Jimmy - The Five Families, Russians, even McReary.

Tony: McReary, wasn't he an Ancelotti lacquey?

Frankie: Yeah, but he got bad blood with'em and started to work for Ray, until Jimmy killed his sister...

In that moment, three bikers jumped in the café interrupting the conversation, they started to shout at Mario demanding money. Tony got a second to assimilate what was happening, seeing that Frankie was doing nothing, he got up. Frankie grabbed him by a shoulder trying to stop him, but he wasn't able to.

Tony shouted: -Hey, you! Nobody robs here-; then a biker asked: -Who are you?-; and Tony answered: -The one who gonna cut off your balls if you don't show some respect and get out of here-. The biker looked at Frankie, who intervened asking them to leave and to stop disturbing.

Tony: What the f*ck was that? 'Leave and don't disturb anymore'?

Frankie: I've told you everything's f*cked up.

Tony: But not so f*cked up to you let those punks disturb the neighborhood.

Frankie: Those guys are always messing around, but as you've just seen, they don't do anything at all.

At that moment, a motorcycle runs into café through the storefront, followed by five others which broke the other windows. Mario hid behind the bar; Tony got cover behind a panel. Bikers shattered the café, broke the till and took the cash.

Tony: Harmless, ah?

Frankie: Damn, Tony; you shouldn't get them angry.

Tony: I shouldn't what?! You f*cking fa**ot, gimme your car keys!

Frankie: No.

Tony grabbed Frankie by his flap and demanded the keys again, which totally persuaded Frankie to accept.

They got in Frankie's Emperor and Tony started to drive.

Frankie: Where you go?

Tony: Explain me what the f*ck was that!

Frankie: I told you, Tony: I'm not in charge. If I face those assholes, I'll get them at the docks tomorrow f*cking the biz. And what do I do, then? Call the police?

Tony: You whack'em up and put the bodies down the sea!

Frankie: They're more than us, even Colluzzio joined them.

Tony: Donnie f*cking Colluzzio?

Frankie: Yeah, you know he always was a motorcycles enthusiast.

Tony: Son of a bitch. Who can we count on?

Frankie: For what?

Tony: To blast those damn bikers.

Frankie: No, Tony! What I've just told you?!

Tony: I just hear you cry. How you gonna pay your debts with Zito if you let those punks rob you?! Tell me the name of that dickhead who seemed the boss!

Frankie: His name is Oswald, he came from Carcer City two years ago and since then The Lost has taken over everything.

Tony: Is their club still in Acter?

Frankie: No, they meet up at some point in Tudor.

Tony: Damn, Frankie; Tudor is big.

Frankie: You know who could know it? Kenny Marinelli.

Tony: That f*cking fat ass, I thought he'd have died of a heart disease.

Frankie: Well, the thing is that his cousin is one of The Lost bitches.

Tony: Well, let's ask to that f*cking whale then.

They went to Marinellis' house in Alderney City. Then knocked the door and Joey, Kenny's younger brother, opened it and guided them to him.

Kenny was sitting on the couch watching TV, he was 25 but nobody believes it due to his advanced baldness, he was wearing a tank top where a fat stain come off the cannelloni he was eating could be seen.

The older of Marinelli brothers always had been repulsive to Tony, so as it was expected, he hadn't kind words for him.

Tony: Hey you, f*cking sea dog!

Kenny: Sobrado? Frankie? What are you doing here?

Frankie: We want you to tell us where The Lost MC meeting point is.

Kenny: What do you want to know it for?

Tony: Tell us or I throw you out the window; I don't care about witness.

Kenny: f*ck you Sobrado! Did you have fun doing time this last years?

Then Tony angered and jumped on him, but Frankie achieved to stop him by reminding him what they were doing there.

Frankie: Look, we have some issues with'em and need to know it.

Kenny: Ok, I go with you and tell you where it is.

Tony: You aren't f*cking gonna come with us!

Frankie set Tony aside to speak with him.

Frankie: Look Tony; I know he's a dick, but we need him. In addition, if we're gonna go against those bikers we'll need reinforcements.

Tony: And you want to take that grease ball with us; he wouldn't hit his obese mother from six feet.

Frankie: We don't have many choices.

Tony accepted and they went back to the living room.

Frankie: Ok, Kenny; you win, take us to there.

-I go too-; replicated the young brother, who until then had been watching the scene quiet.

Kenny: You must stay and take care of mother.

Joey: Mother is fine, she's just too lazy, if she needs something can take it by herself.

Kenny got angry but Tony interrupted him.

Tony: Ok, four better than three. At least you look normal, kid.

A nervous smile was drawn in Joey's face, proud of getting a compliment from a wise guy but trying to stay serious at the same time.

They got out of there and went to Bobby's garage, as they agreed that they'd need a van to do the job. After that, they went to The Lost clubhouse: an abandoned house in Tudor.

In front of it, there were a couple of bikers and a bunch of motorcycles parked. In order to not to raise suspicions they stopped at a safe distance.

Frankie: Ok, Tony. What now?

Tony said to Joey: -Kid, look at backyard to see if there's a backdoor-. The boy got out of the van and came back after a little while.

Joey: There's a door, but there are some bikers too.

Tony: Ok, this is the plan: we drive into the front entrance. Once done, Marinelli brothers run to the backdoor and put the bikers off. Frankie, we'll enter by the front door.

Frankie: You're crazy, Tony; we are very few.

Tony: YOU CAN LET THOSE PIECES OF sh*t WALK OVER THE NEIGHBORHOOD AS IF IT WAS THEIRS, BUT I DON'T! If you're scared, leave the van and get the f*ck out of here!

Frankie: I'm not, Tony; it's just I have a family in which thinking on. But you're right; I'm getting tired of those clowns, let's teach'em a lesson.

No sooner said than done, Tony drove around the block and when the van was near of the house's front side, he steering the wheel crashing with the bikes parked at the entrance and making fly the bikers laid out on them.

They had obtained a good armory from a Bobby's Jamaican contact: tactic shotguns, assault rifles and even CS gas grenades.

Once the van stopped, all of them got out of the van following Tony's plan. Before getting in the house, they threw a CS grenade through a second floor window.

Frankie and Tony entered the house, there were near of five bikers besides Oswald, who was walking down stairs almost without breathe and with a gun on his hand. Tony smashed his face with the rifle butt and took the gun away. The other bikers had been surprised, so they weren't able to react until other three ones came armed from the backdoor ready to start a shootout. However, with the irruption of Marinelli brothers they saw themselves surrounded too, so all of bikers threw their weapons.

Tony shouted to the girl who was doing waitress functions behind an improvised 'clubhouse' bar, saying: -Ok, bitch, gimme all the money, and if somebody tries something, he'll finish as those buddies at the front door-; referring to the two bikers who had been overwhelmed at the entrance.

Once they had the money, Tony looked at Colluzzio, who was next to the bar with his hands up.

Tony: Colluzzio, come with us.

Colluzzio got shocked.

Tony: You come with us or I'm gonna got to kill you?

Then Colluzzio did what Tony said and went to the front door along with Frankie and the brothers.

It seemed that everything was over and the five men would start the runaway when Tony suddenly directed his sight to Oswald, who was on his knees still trying to clean his eyes.

Tony said: -Hey, Oswald-. And in just one second: the biker leader faced Tony, still trying to open his eyes; immediately after, Tony put a 5.56 bullet between his eyebrows. Then, they finally escaped.

In the van, younger Marinelli was celebrating as if it had been the better experience of his life, his brother was exultant too.

Tony looked at Colluzzio.

Tony: Who are you with, old man, them or us?

Colluzzio: With you Tony, always with you.

Tony: Throw that leather out the window, then.

Colluzzio do it and his The Lost MC jacket flied on the van opposite direction.

Afterwards, they got rid of the van and splitted up.



Close to 2 a.m., some noises aroused Tony; someone had achieved to reach the window through the fire escape and had broken into the house.

Tony grabbed his Glock and heard some steps getting closer; they were too close so he only was able to get on the floor and to hide under the bed.

Two men bursted into the room, they dressed completely in black clothes and had their heads covered by hoods.

Man 1: Where the f*ck is he? He couldn't have escaped over here.

The man lent out the bedroom's window and the other man got out to checking up the rest of the apartment. In that precisely moment, Tony took the opportunity to get out of his hideout and to pounce on the guy at the window, who just had time to turn around and see how Tony rushed him into the void.

When the other man heard his partner scream, recklessly got into the room with a sawed-off shotgun on his hands, just to get shot twice on the chest. The shotgun went off leaving the apartment roof full of shots; luckily, it was the last level.

Shortly after this, police arrived to the scene. They identified the assailants as The Lost members and Tony spent the night in the precinct.

Once he was released, he headed to the docks to see Frankie.

When he finally arrived, found this scenario: the pier stall that worked as an office had been burned; Frankie, depressed, was sitting on the stall remains' stairs covering his head with his hands; around him, a bunch of firemen and policemen was walking side to side.

Tony wasn't able to cross the police line, so he shouted at Frankie who got up and walked to Tony.

Tony: Frankie, what's all this?

Frankie: We've been robbed: they got the cash from the safe and stole tonight shipment.

Tony: We have to counterattack.

Frankie: Let it be, Tony. It will be better make peace with'em.


Frankie: Damn, okay! But how we're gonna do it? We can't go against them like yesterday, we need to be smarter.

Tony: Let's go to Colluzzio's place, by the way.

They got in Frankie's car and headed to Colluzzio's.

Once there, Tony started to knock the door insistently. When Colluzzio opened, Tony jumped on him and put a gun on the old man's mouth.

Tony: Double crossing pig! You prefer those punks more than us!

Colluzzio had not time to react.

Frankie: What the hell are you doing, man?

Tony: Two bikers broke into my apartment tonight! How they knew my address?!

Frankie: It wasn't him.

Tony: What?!

Frankie: It wasn't him. It was Kenny Marinelli; he called me an hour ago and told me about.

Tony: What are you damn saying?

Frankie: What you've heard, man: you know the little perv always has had a crush on his cousin, right? And you know she is with The Lost, right?

Tony: Yeah...

Frankie: Well, it seems that after we assaulted the clubhouse, the little bitch visited and pleased our fat friend and the fool told her everything.

Tony released Colluzzio and the old man punched him, then Tony returned to point at him with the gun, but thanks to Frankie fast intervention it wasn't his last punch.

Finally, Frankie achieved to calm both down, but in the heat of the moment he was able to take the gun away from Tony to avoid more incidents.

Tony: Sorry, ol' man

Colluzzio: You know I'm with you, Sobrado! Damn, I have no choice anyway! I'm not a moron; I can't return with'em after what I did yesterday, no matter what I do!

Tony: Yes, you're right; but it was Frankie who didn't tell me about Marinelli.

Frankie: Why should I know you were gonna come in here acting like a B-movie gangster?

Tony: Ok, so what are we gonna do now?

Frankie: We can't go on them, they're more than us. In addition, they didn't just burn the office and took the cash; they assaulted two trucks which were moving dope for Roy Zito. If I don't recover it, I'm dead.

Colluzzio: I'm taking care of that.

Tony & Frankie: How?

Then, someone knocked the door; he was a guy on a wheelchair who Colluzzio introduced as Angus.

Tony: And how can this one help us?

Colluzzio: The Lost is having an internal warfare; this kid is part of Oswald opposing faction.

Tony: Do you mean he's a biker on a wheelchair?

Angus: You told me you have someone who could help me up, but he doesn't seem very wiling. Next time don't waste my time.

Colluzzio: Wait Angus! Damn, Tony; listen to him.

Tony: Okay, I'm listening.

Angus: For three years now, everything has been a mess in Alderney chapter. Since my brothers went to the West Coast, there've been many people who tried to reorganize it. My brothers in Los Santos want this sh*t finished once and for all and reestablish club's original chapter. When you whacked Oswald you did us a favor, almost all chapters recognized my crew as the legitimate Alderney membership, but there were some in the East Coast who wanted Oswald's, after his death, this crew showed its inability and most of the chapters changed their minds. But Oswald's boys still have some supporters.

Tony: So?

Angus: Tomorrow, the President of one of these chapters that supports Oswald successors will come to pay a visit. We can't do anything to him, but if some angered Italian gangsters intervene...

Tony: We take him and your rivals out at the same time. So your other biker friends come to support you, and everything returns to its course in The Lost MC. But what do we win?

Angus: No more retaliation, no more troubles in Leftwood and your coke back.

Frankie: You know where is it?

Angus: In a shed at Industrial Park

Tony: Guide us to there.

Angus: It's Oswald's men turf. Take care of our common problem and I'll give it back without any trouble.

Frankie: Deal.

Angus: Do you want me to contact Colluzzio when I'll get the details?

Tony: Ok, it's right.

They said goodbye to Angus and stayed talking about their next step.

Frankie: Well, what are we gonna do next?

Colluzzio: You've heard'im, wait.

Tony: Wait? What I'm gonna do is to find this Marinelli sh*thead.

Frankie: You wanna kill'im?

Tony: No, I wanna ask him for a date... Of course I wanna blast him.

Colluzzio: He has probably left, Tony.

Tony: How do you know it?

Colluzzio: I don't, but it's what I'd do.

Tony: I don't care, we're gonna get him and doesn't matter wherever he is.

After some investigation, they discovered that Kenny was in fact about to leave to Mid-West, where he had family. Frankie achieved to intercept him at Grand Easton Terminal, just before getting in the train.

Frankie: Kenny.

He turned around trembling and broke in tears.

Kenny: Frankie, I'm sorry; don't hurt me please.

Frankie: I'm not gonna hurt you, but leaving is unnecessary.

Kenny: I have to leave, because maybe you won't hurt me but Tony will, because it was my fault they broke into his apartment.

Frankie: Look, there's no need to leave. Do you know the old mansion in Westdyke?

Kenny: Yes.

Frankie: You're gonna hide in there until things with Tony get cold. Then I'll take care of setting all right, okay?

Kenny: No, I better leave; I have nothing to do here, anyway.

Frankie: Your cousin is at there too.

Kenny: I don't care, she's a whore.

Frankie: No, Kenny; she's very sorry for use you, they tricked her.

Kenny: Really?

Frankie: Yeah.

Finally Kenny accepted and got in Frankie's car. Then they headed to Alderney.

Kenny had been crying and apologizing all the way, and continued doing so at arriving.

Once in the mansion yard, they got out the car and Frankie showed an Esperanto to Kenny.

Frankie: Do you see this car? It's yours; you can use it while you're here. Get in and set the seat and all that sh*t. The keys are in the sunshade.

Kenny sat down on driver's seat and set it, but while he was setting the rearview mirror, the reflection of Tony frightened him.

-Hi, snitch fat ass-; Tony told him just before covering his head with a bag and strongly pulling it back while Frankie, who had seated on co-driver's seat, grabbed Kenny's arms.

Then Kenny started kicking violently while losing his breath, his crying begs could still be heard under the bag. His kicking was so strong that he reached to press the horn twice, so Frankie had to get on the victim to avoid him to move his legs, in a scene that reminded Carlo's death in The Godfather. Few seconds later, kicking and crying stopped as Kenny Marinelli had expired.

Frankie: Damn, Tony; four killings in two days out.

Tony: What would you want me to do? I almost got killed because of him. He was just a retard, anyway; I did him a favor.

Frankie: Whatever. There are Colluzzio and the cleaner.

The cleaner was a Colluzzio's contact who was there to rid of Marinelli's body.

They put the body into the mansion, Colluzzio and the cleaner remained in to take care of the corpse while Frankie and Tony left.



Tony was waiting for news from Angus impatiently; he didn't have enough with killing three bikers, he wanted to finish them all. Finally, the call was made in the next day afternoon.

Tony, Frankie and Colluzzio met up in Mario's café.

Colluzzio: Well, this is what Angus told me -They'll meet up in Broker, under the Broker-Dukes Expressway near Meadows Park.

Frankie: Ok, but how are we gonna do it? We're still three guys versus a crowd.

Colluzzio: Mangano and his boys are with us.

Tony: Joe Mangano? I thought he was dead.

Colluzzio: And he is; I mean his young brother.

Frankie: And how are we going to do it?

Colluzzio: We'll intercept the big boss at Broker Bridge as he has to go through it. I got a Flatbed truck we can use to overwhelm him and escape by the expressway. Mangano and his gang will take care of the other two pricks in Broker.

Tony: It will be better if I go to Broker; I'm not sure about let a bunch of kids alone in this kind of hit. You don't need me to smash some bikers with a truck anyways.

Colluzzio: As you wish; I'm gonna call to tell'em about.

They made their ways.

Tony arrived to Broker and met with Mangano, who was seated in his car watching the bikers from the distance.

Tony: Are you Sammy Mangano?

Mangano: Yes, I'm Sam Mangano.

Tony: Okay, I'm Tony Sobrado. You may not remember me, but I knew your brother, it was a crap what happened to him.

Mangano: Yeah, man; he survived in the streets for twenty years and the f*cking cancer kills him.

Tony: Life's bitch. Well, it seems that the bikers have arrived.

Mangano: The firsts arrived around thirty minutes ago, a time later another group arrived.

Tony: Are you only three?

Mangano: I have five of my boys in a van at the other point; the idea is catch'em by two sides and round'em up.

Tony: Ok, so what are we waiting for?

No sooner said than done, Mangano called his boys and the assault got started, the place turned into a gunpowder hell in a few seconds. Tony got cover behind a tree, he was hardly able to move, bikers outnumbered them and it didn't seem like our protagonist would end well.

One of Mangano's boys fell, three bikers as well, but they still had a ten to seven advantage.

Tony tried to lean out to shoot, but the continuous bullet-hitting on the tree and the wood splitters this hitting did came off few inches away from him were a warning to not to do so, as it would be his end.

Everything seemed to go on wheels for The Lost, so good that they didn't notice they had spent two times more ammo than their enemies, so the tables changed as soon as most of the bikers emptied their guns. Then, disbandment got started and Tony and Mangano's crew took advantage.

Bikers ran fast to their bikes to escape. One, two, three... that's the way they fell, some of them didn't even reach to ride on their bikes, some others were hit on their way, just one of them achieved to get evade.

No way, letting someone alive wasn't a choice since the fugitive could be a leader, so Tony rode on a bike and chased him.

He chased him from Broker to Dukes - East Island City to be more specific; where the biker ended sliding under a truck. Although it didn't run him over and he survived, the fall was dramatic.

Hobbling alone, he tried to escape by an alleyway but Tony, who had evaded the truck, reached him.

Tony: What's the matter, piece of sh*t? Why can't you run?

Biker: Damn you! You're the asshole who killed Oswald! Do you think you're gonna kill me too and go unpunished? You and your wannabe mobster friends are dead!

The biker took a knife from his pants and clumsily tried to stab Tony, as the hobble was disabling him. Tony easily eluded the stab and shot the biker on the stomach, causing him to sudden fall off.

Tony: What the f*ck I've just told you?

Then he saw a patch on biker's jacket in which 'President' could be read.

Tony: So you're the new boss? I hope the next one lasts longer.

He aimed at biker's head with the shotgun and put him off.

He removed the jacket from the biker's body, got on the bike and headed to Alderney. On his way over Broker Bridge, he saw a police line, various dead bodies and some smashed bikes which confirmed Frankie and Colluzzio's success.

He arrived to the old TLMC clubhouse; at the back alley, in front of a garage, which was the only part of the building that remained standing, Frankie, Colluzzio, Mangano and some of his buddies were waiting for him along with Angus and some bikers.

Colluzzio: And what are you gonna do now?

Angus: Reorganize everything, maybe rebuilding all this now we have the money. Will see...

Colluzzio: Hey, Tony! Everything's all right?

Tony: Everybody dead. Hey you, wheel chaired! I have something for you!

He threw the jacket to Angus.

Tony: That president patch belongs to another now, I guess.

Angus: Yeah, thanks. The rest will burn very well.

Tony: Ok, I've done mine. Do you have the coke?

Angus: There you get it; we put it in vans.

They opened the garage, where there were three vans exactly.

Tony: What a detail. You don't mind if I check up, right?

Angus: Do whatever you like, but I have better things to do than f*ck with Roy Zito.

Tony looked at Angus surprised; Angus ironically smiled and turned around to join with his friends and Colluzzio, who were conversing some feet away.

Tony noticed some of them came from Los Santos, judging by their jackets.

They checked that everything was right and then headed to Zito's warehouse in Tudor, where they left the drugs.



Next morning, after coming back from the supermarket, Tony found a letter in his mailbox which said his rental contract was about to expire and the landlord wasn't even consider to renew it, so he urged Tony to let the apartment as soon as possible. Of course, Tony intention was to remain until deadline.

Later, he went to the docks to see Frankie.

Tony: How you doing, Frankie?

Frankie: Hey, Tony! Yesterday was a success; Zito didn't get very angry at me.

Tony: Whatever. We have to think how to pay the debt; else we aren't going to be truly independent.

Frankie: I know, Tony; but it's a big debt, it will take me many years to pay him only with the profits from the docks.

Tony: We must find a way to do it.

Frankie: Colluzzio called, he has something in mind. He's waiting at Mario's.

They got in Frankie's Emperor and headed to Leftwood.

There they met with Colluzzio who was in company of Joey Marinelli and some other kids.

It seemed that the little Marinelli had earned much respect in their neighborhood after the clubhouse assault, and he had turned into the leader of a little hoods gang.

Colluzzio: Tony, Frankie, you already know Joey Marinelli.

Tony: Yeah. What are you and your friends doing here?

Joey: We want to offer you a deal.

Tony: And what can you offer us?

Then, a Joey's friend, Arthur Andolini, started to speak.

Andolini: We have been sold coke for a nigga from Acter but we have gotten tired, he treats us like bitches, the cut is big and the price is high. Where are the profits then?

Tony looked at Joey and asked:-Who is this?-; Joey answered: -One of my boys-; making clear he was the boss.

Tony: And what's the point of this big talk?

Joey: The point is... we wanna work for you, I know Frankie rules all the docks' stuff.

Tony: You know too much.

Joey: But it is true, right?

Frankie: If you mean dope, I just get a small part, the rest goes to Zito; I sell mine to Liberty dealers.

Joey: We can sell your part, it's better than the blacked sh*t.

Frankie: I'm fine.

Joey: I guess, but we deal with Koreans often, we get from them false handbags, clothes... all kind of falsified goods; we'll give you a part of this and from other jobs we'll do.

Tony: I don't get it. Do you really win with this?

Joey: You don't know how many clients we've lost because of Negro's sh*t. In addition, it's a low price to pay to stop of being his whores.

Frankie and Tony looked each other and accepted it.

Joey: Okay, have you seen my brother by the way?

Tony: I haven't and don't wanna, your brother is disgusting.

Frankie: What about him? You don't know where he is?

Joey: I haven't had news from him for days.

Tony: Ok, if I'll see him I'll let you know, same them.

Frankie and Colluzzio assented and Joey and his pals left.

Colluzzio: Well, we're growing.

Tony: Those snots? They aren't a big reinforcement; I hope they'll make us earn good money.

Colluzzio: And Mangano and his crew. That's what I wanted to talk you about, Frankie; they could help you in the docks.

Frankie: It would be good, Zito wants me to take care of his product but doesn't send me enough people to guard it, and then what happens, happens.

Tony: But they'll wanna be paid, and if we don't liquidate the debts with Gambettis, they aren't gonna stay much time with us.

Colluzzio: Don't worry about it, Tony; those boys are tired of being errand boys for the city families, they'll have better opportunities with us.

Tony: I hope you're right.




Two weeks later, Tony had been evicted from his apartment, as the landlord showed up at the door along two Albanian thugs -since he knew who he was dealing with; what persuaded Tony to leave before the deadline. He spent the next night sleeping in his Stallion -which he repaired the following day. A time later, Frankie let him sleep in the docks office.

Meanwhile, Mangano's and Marinelli's crews did their part in the business. Although Tony and Frankie were reluctant at first with Joey's boys, they proved to be very effective by providing higher profits to Frankie than nightclubs pushers.

Everything seemed to go on wheels with the exception of Zito's debt payment, which still looked unreachable. Tony and Frankie were talking about that in Mario's when Joey and one of his friends arrived, the friend had been beaten up.

Tony: What the f*ck happened to you?

Joey: It was a bunch of thugs sent by this nigga Carter; he didn't like we moved on.

Tony: They spanked him for good.

Joey: Tell'im.

Tony: Tell me what?

Boy: He stole two rocks and 400 bucks from me.

Tony: Ok, go to recover it.

Joey: We can't; they're more than us.

Tony: I'm not interested in your stories; just remember you must pay us.

Joey: But they rob us, I mean; it's like if they had robbed you.

Tony: No, you got robbed; I don't intervene in snots' fights.

Joey: But we tell'im we were with you.

Tony: Stop with the storytelling.

Joey: But it's true, he said he didn't give a f*ck about you and he said you are done too. He can tell you.

Boy: He said so just before his hoods jumped on me; and after that he said: 'Where are your macaroni bosses now, ah?'

Then Tony got anger.

Tony: YOU'VE HEARD THAT, FRANKIE?! EVEN THE f*ckING n**ers DISRESPECT US! Where the f*ck is this Carter?!


Joey: He lives in the project at south Aspdin Drive, west Acter Park; he's usually there showing off his Coquette.


Tony: Frankie, call Mangano! We're gonna whack that asshole to teach this town to don't f*ck with us!


Tony, Mangano and one of his crooks went to Carter's project in Acter. Once there they saw four black guys around a Coquette.


Tony: It must be them.


Mangano: Let's go then. Park over there and be ready to get out of here.


Tony: The two ones at the right side are mine; the two others at left are yours.


They got closer and Tony asked for Carter, who affirmatively answered, probably thinking they were looking for drugs. Immediately after Tony and Mangano got their weapons and finished with the four unlucky ones, who didn't even have time to react.


Both two were about to run to the car when somebody shouted: -They blasted Carter-; then a bottle impacted two feet away from Tony and a rain formed of all kind of stuff thrown out the windows by project tenants started. Tony and Mangano were trying to avoid this rain when a shot was fired hitting the ground just few inches away from Tony. Being unable to reach the car, they got cover in Carter's Coquette, luckily finding the keys in the contact, so they started the engine just in time, since a big crowd formed of dealer's friends was coming out from the building. Tony put the pedal to the medal sweeping away some attackers in the process; Mangano's boy in the other car did the same.


They left the pusher's car near an abandoned shed in Acter Industrial, when Tony got out the car, noticed the trunk was open; when looking in he found something. There it was as a gift from heaven : cocaine, crack, weed. Why hadn't he thought of before? He had just found a way to quickly pay Zito.



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