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[18+] Rapture Motorcycle Club [Xbox One]


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To Apply, please message ExceededPandora, xSpyder12, or WicKed xPlague on Xbox One, thanks.


Social Club Link




"We, Who bring the Rapture."


What is Rapture MC?

Established on January 1st, 2018, it is a combined effort of a few key members whom have previous MC experience. We are exclusively on Xbox One, and have no future plans to move to other consoles at the current time. We are a 1 percent club, and follow their rules of combat. ARs only. We do not look for fights, insisting on gathering and maintaining friendships within the community. We are a fairly new club, but our members are no stranger to what makes them survive.


The City of Los Santos has been plagued for years by the numerous occurrences of Gangland violence, while most crimes seemed center around Southern neighbourhoods, it has recently reached a boiling point around the area of Pillbox Hill. Several prominent street-gang leaders have been have been found deceased, whilst others are missing and presumed to be dead.

When asked for comment, the Los Santos Police Department declined to speak with us, though sources seem conflicted within the department on whether this is the work of Vigilante's or simply the Gangs competition merely cleaning shop. Some rumors of a local Motorcycle club setting up shop in a foreclosed factory in the area may be the piece of evidence this story is missing.

Motorcycle clubs, especially those who claim "1%" ( '1%ers is a classification given by the AMA to motorcycle enthusiast who do not follow the laws and regulations of society.) have given communities in the Nation problems in the past, no one can say for sure who or what are behind these crimes.


Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

1. No appearing offline unless otherwise given permission. (Prospects and Hangarounds must ALWAYS appear online.

2. We are a return fire only club.

3. We are a free aim club.

4. Biker clothing must ALWAYS be worn during church and events with patch.

5. ARs only, unless being attacked by an "OP" vehicle, then if given permission may change.

6. Use common sense, be mature.

7. Age limit is 18+.

8. No cyber bullying of ANY kind will be tolerated.

9. Follow the chain of command and any orders given by superior rank.

10. Must be active, both on our discord club chat, and in game. Your attendance weighs your speed of progression.

11. Rapture must be your active and only crew.

12. Once patched, you can ride ANY bike, except for those with "special" properties. (Boosts, Weapons, etc)

13. Real life comes first.

14. Everything is voted on.

Prospect Rules:

1. Follow all General Rapture Rules.

2. Must ride the Bagger bike for Hangaround AND prospect period. (Black/Red Bagger)

3. It is your job to guard ALL patched members whenever in a session.

4. Must attend meetings, events, churches etc.

5. Never disobey an order.

6. No say or vote until patched in.

7. Ride in back of our formations.

8. Have fun, but exercise maturity and common sense.

9. Park away from patched members.

10. Must bro love all Patched and Officers whenever entering a new session.

11. Minimum 2 week prospect period.

Hangaround Rules:

1. Must follow ALL Rapture General rules and Prospect Rules.

2. Follow all the rules.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.






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Updated --


New Layout and info.


We now have 3 officers, and 3 patched members. Growing slowly, but we are looking for quality rather than quantity.

If you think you can put in the work it takes, and follow our rules, You'll be welcomed into our brotherhood.


Website coming soon.


Planning on branching to Red Dead Redemption 2 at Launch, as well as other upcoming games.

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