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C# getting peds and tasks (war mod)

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Hi everyone,


I would like to know a best practice in getting peds and set their relationship between some other random peds and tasks. I want to let a specific group of peds attack another group of already existing peds. I don't want to spwan new peds but use the peds that already exist. I would like to create two groups of relationship between those peds and set a task to fight against each other. I have tried it a year ago but the peds were attacking themself because I didn't know how to create two different groups, so the game recognize they need to attack another ped.


I was thinking about some code of


"foreach (Ped p in peds)


p.FightAgainst(? which ped goes here?)



But I don't know a best practice for it.


Any help is appreciated ;)

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Is this such a hard question or was my question not clear?

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i haven't tested it at all but this is kind of what it might look like.

        Ped[] peds = World.GetNearbyPeds(Game.Player.Character.Position, 100f);        for (int i = 0; i < peds.Length; i++)        {            TaskSequence a = new TaskSequence();            a.AddTask.FightAgainst(peds[peds.Length-(1+i)]);            peds[i].Task.PerformSequence(a);        }

Hope it works or atleast helps

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