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GTA Trilogy Kubrick Collectibles

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Release date:

The exact release dates of the initial editions are unknown, while " Anniversary Editions " were released upon celebrating Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 10th anniversaries.

Origin Info:

Each initial version was limited to 3000 pieces each, with a high possibility of releasing the anniversary editions in the same quantity, which is only assumption based on how fast Rockstar Warehouse went out of stock with these. Nothing in regards to numbers can be said about " Special Editions " - GTA Vice City " Alternative Cover " or " Triple Pack " - although they are highly limited, quite possibly reduced to single or barely two digit numbers, which is another author's assumption.

Status and Availability:

Depends on what version are we talking about. The very first version of Grand Theft Auto III Kubrick is still in stock at Rockstar Warehouse and it actually never received its Anniversary Edition, while Vice City and San Andreas Anniversary Editions are out of stock. It's not uncommon to stumble upon one of these on e-commerce sites, whether it's the 1st or Anniversary edition, no matter the game/Kubrick Set.

But, when discussing the Special Editions, it's a whole different story, since these are extremely hard to find.


Every Kubrick Set contains 5 character figurines with accompanying accessories.


GTA III Kubrick: ( 8Ball, Claude, Salvatore, Misty, Donald Love )

GTA Vice City: ( Tommy Vercetti, Candy Suxxx, Lance Vance, Ricardo Diaz, Ken Rosenberg )

GTA San Andreas: ( Frank Tennpeny, Carl Johnson, Smoke, Ryder, The Truth )


GTA III Kubrick: ( Remote, Baseball bat, Wallet )

GTA Vice City: ( Shotgun, Camera, "M4", SMG, Champagne Bottle )

GTA San Andreas: ( Pipe, AK-47, Cigar, Uzi, Green Goo )


Common-Very Rare-Extremely Rare/Unique.


Again,it depends: if you are able to order from Rockstar Games Warehouse, then it's 43.00 Euros, while prices could go something above that on e-commerce sites, for the Initial version of Grand Theft Auto III version and Vice City and San Andreas Anniversary Editions, with those two being out of stock right now. Original versions of Vice City and San Andreas can be even more pricier. At last, it's anyone's guess what price tag could be laying upon the Vice City " Alternative Cover " edition or " Triple Pack " trilogy edition.



Images contain: GTA III First Edition; GTA Vice City Anniversary Edition; GTA San Andreas First Edition; Kubrick Triple Pack.

Check the GTASeries Videos video, containing the Alternative Covers of GTA VC Kubrick Set.

Photo Credits: ChengizVlad09

Owners: uNi, mosavon, ChengizVlad09





Edited by ChengizVlad09

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