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Western themed music


Recommended Posts

Thought id make a thread where we could post western music that would fit the tone of RDR2


heres some of mine





Edited by Safari
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Honestly I don´t know the movie ... maybe it's not Western at all? Probably the song has nothing to do with it ...
Since recently I like to hear dark country music, this song was shown to me in a mix on YT. I heard it yesterday on the drive home and it was just great.

I think everyone knows who the man in the long black coat is ...
And somehow it suits to RDR ... most songs of the soundtrack from the first game wasn´t real "western music", but yet we love them all :)

The voice in this song is terrific and really soothing. From time to time I love something like that.


I have a song to chuckle ^^ That's what happens if you don´t listen to your mom.
I can sing along the whole text :whistle: ... Nobody wants to hear that, but it's fun :lol:

Edited by Yelda
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ennio morricone

/nuff said


edit: haha I see someone had the very same idea....well, true is true!







Edited by BUT THE BENZ
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Edited by Wu-Tang Forever
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Here ya go...


One my favorite tracks from this album that hasn't been mentioned yet. The rest of the songs on it are great too.



I know I made a post about this in general chat, but I think it's probably appropriate for this thread.

Also, I've now uploaded it to YouTube since soundcloud's a bit obscure.


Edited by zachsterosu
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Two songs of Dimitri Tiomkin. He composed some theme music for Western. Also in both movies: The young Lee Van Cleef ... I really like him as an actor in Western.

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A thread about Western music wouldn't be a thread without some Corb Lund. If you have the chance, listen to some of his music. It's excellent.



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A slow, melancholic song ... but I love it

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