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Marciliojunior01 Vehicle Ideas


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Dinka Coup

Hello guys i am back and this model is a mix between the Honda Prelude and the toyota celica, the front is from the Honda, a little bit edited to be lore-friendly, and the body in general and rear are from the Celica. I decided to make this because i like both cars and i feel like an FWD sportscar is a cool addition to the game, even more if is a tuner style one. 



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Vulcar Ingot (2017)

This one just like the Gauntlet is a modern version of a current car in the game, i based on the Volvo V60 2018 manly, but as you can see we have other influences, like the Lexus headlights and the bumper that i taken from some holden. I also reduced a little bit the roof to make the car looks a little bit more sportish like the streiter (mod version, not the R* one). The wheels are the same from the ingot we have in the game. The final result definitively has some Volvo vibe in it.  


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Vulcar roadking

So i was a little bit reluctant about doing semi-trailers and posting here, once is not the main focus of the community, but Silent Souls posted one he made and the reaction of the public was really good, so lets copy him again XD, if you are reading this Silent Souls, don't feel ofended lol. So going in to the model itself, is not based on just one truck but basically in a lot of volvo models at once, and the Headlights are pretty much the Ingot headlights (only much bigger). Looks a little bit more modern than the Packer, but not enough to be futuristic. Hope you enjoy it, i have some more trucks in the way 😃. PS: I've been very busy so wasnt able to post a lot, i hope in the next days i get some more free time, but i wont stop, don't need to worry.


Edited by Marciliojunior01
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Pfister 819 GTR

So i saw one of the concepts from xxii and had a pretty cool model based on a pfister late 70 - early 80s racecar. The problem is that it was made using the ramp buggy so de model ended up being a little it strange. I decided to create what i think could be a lore -friendly race pfister. Is not based on any specific porsche but in a lot of them at the same time. Hope you like it :D 


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So besides the concepts, i am creating a new series called car corretction, i will get some pretty ugly cars we have in game (at least in my oppinion) and try yo make them look a little bit better, the first car in this List is the Revolter, and the corrections are

- Now is branded as albany instead of Ubermacht

- The strange looking front now looks like a proper cadillac front to match with the rear, i took a lot of inspiration from the Alpha and from the Police Stinger

- The interior now is a luxury interior, nothing of Supercar seats in a luxury sedan

I think with these changes the vehicle looks way better and even more suited in the GTA world. Any suggestions of cars you would like to correct or any complain about my design in general leave a reply i would like to see your oppinion :D 


Edited by Marciliojunior01
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