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mr quick's 10 year GTAF anniversary

mr quick

Recommended Posts

welcome to the jazz fusion zone


I've been on this forum now for god knows how long and registered for a whole decade. If you look in my post history, you can see my entire voyage from christian conservative chauvinistic blues purist to communist jazz fusion fanatic

but please don't do that it's cringy as f*ck


for 2018's biggest anniversary, enjoy this "mr quick" ring tone, show all your friends that you have a unique taste in unreleased jazz fusion tracks but also that you like the gtaforums member "mr quick"



thanks to:

tyler & fonz for being absolute lads

mtd for being my biggest hero (read the mtd bible every day)

argo & coin for yoghurt-related inquiries

the staff for being corrupt as f*ck

slimeball supreme for top meme

contributors to the stu-chop and wholesome threads (please resurrect both as a gift to me on my big day)





like this post if you think at least one of the following is stupid

  • $$h
  • facade
  • globe




here's some top choices for jazz fusion mood of the day














real talk though this is a great forum and community thanks for being part of almost half my life


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slimeball supreme

Thank you for the jazz And thank you for the Membership Marvin happy birthday

Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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Congratulations on 10 years at GTAF! How about a little music to commemorate the occasion?




There's no hiding it. I know what you really like!

  • Like 2


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when I grow up I want to be as fast as this lad, so you better stay alive and stay quick

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they call you quick for a reason, 10 years flew by just like that


but yee, congrats and shet lad

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grats on meme date.

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Congratulations Marwin. Here's to 10 more years.


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congrats thats like almost like a life time there.

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thanks for the gratulatory messages

please visit the link on my profile to provide anonymous feedback


be honest (and sexy, obviously)


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I will cherish those golden moments between us on Minecraft servers and IRC for the rest of my days. Who'd have thought a Norwegian man would teach me so much about music. I'm glad you're a member of the forum, man.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I might be three weeks too late to react to your topic but I guess that happens when you are inactive, sorry! But is it ever late to congratulate someone for achieving such a huge milestone? Congratulations Marwin. And congratulations for hitting another milestone (seven thousand posts) :)

Edited by Blondie
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