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GTA SA/LCS Press Clippings


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Release date:

As usual, some time before the actual game releases. For Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories on the September 21st 2005, probably month before the San Andreas release in 2004 as well.

Origin Info:

As the name might suggest, these were given out to the selected retail stores, containing written articles about the mentioned games in various and well known magazines, such as Game Informer, PSM, EGM, PSE2 and were issued by Rockstar Games themselves.

Ah, the good ol' times of gaming magazines.

Status and Availability:

While the exact number of issued clippings is unknown, it is speculated that only few were ever issued with only one copy going to a selected retailer and/or store manager, but it's anyone's guess. Few of these can be spotted emerging up for sale on the e-commerce sites.


Full preview/tease articles of the mentioned games from various gaming magazines. In many of these, GTA games were included as a cover story, and both of them (possibly LCS as well) contain more than 100 pages. It is also mentioned that initially, DVD's with trailers were included.


Very Rare.

Even though not many of these were ever issued, it's hard to classify them as Extremely Rare, maybe mostly because you could find them scanned in pdf format. For free.


Around 40.00 USD


LCS Press Clippings: pdf


It's uncertain whether the author included everything, but here's his/hers scanned version of the GTA: LCS clippings. Thanks!

Special Thanks: rockstarwatch.net

Photo Credits: Mosavon, ChengizVlad09

Owners: ( Mosavon, )







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