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Strange Bug in My Modded San Andreas

Shogun Pacino

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Shogun Pacino

In my modded GTA SA (Beta version) i had a really strange bug. I always modify peds ide files and such, but this one was really really strange. I added new peds "dope" as a gang member even in peds.ide but he dosen't appear anymore. I really don't know what could be causing this bug.

Edited by CoolMods
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I assume there were no changes to the game right before he disappeared, and that you've attempted to see a spawn in various conditions, and perhaps in different saves.


I get weird bugs like that too, a lot of "clumping" or repetitious spawning, or peds that never seem to appear much if at all. I always assumed it had something to do with my gameplay, since I usually play from the same save.


All I could suggest is testing, since it worked before, trying different saves, conditions, entries in the IDE. What you can see is that it is not appearing to spawn. But the real question for me would be is the game even trying to spawn it, or is it reacting to some new condition, since its not the same thing but have the same observable effect. That is, is it trying and failing because something is interfering, or not even trying because some new condition caused it to stop.


Since I usually have to diagnose every problem myself also, that would be my suggestion. It is indeed peculiar if it went from working to missing and there was no deliberate alterations to the game.

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Shogun Pacino

Fixed, deleted all peds.ide files except mine.

Edited by CoolMods
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