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Looking for Xbox One RP with my character idea


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So, I have a pretty fleshed out idea for my character in GTA Online, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding anywhere I might be able to play her. Public lobbies aren't exactly conducive to this kind of idea, so I'm looking to see if anyone out there might have a place for me to play.


Forgive me, but this is a bit long winded.

(also, please forgive any typos)


So here she is:


Real Name: Aimee Morgan

Codename: Reaper

Age: 22

Backstory: Reaper was the daughter of a former muscle car racer, who was also stationed at Fort Zancudo and owned his own customs garage near the docks. She spent a lot of time with her father, both on the base and in his garage, learning to work on just about any vehicle, civilian or military, and also became quite skilled at driving, mostly with muscle and sports classics. Following in her father's footsteps, she joined the military, but did so to continue on her path of being a mechanic and tech expert. Machines were her life.


Not long after turning 18 and joining the military, her father was approached by an IAA owner and operated facility. They were impressed by his level of skill and expertise with mechanics, engineering, and technology and wanted him to work for them in their research and development program. After seeing the things they were attempting to build, he refused, letting them know that while he was a soldier, he didn't condone the idea of building death machines that could hide in plain sight. "War is for the battlefield. Not for civilian streets." Not long after this, he was found dead as the result if an apparent suicide in the front seat if his prizes Imponte Dukes.


A few months later, they approached Aimee with the same offer, having seen her as an even better candidate than her father had been. But this time, did not allow her to refuse. She was held captive, tortured through experimentation, and not only forced to work on their projects, bit also molding her into a deadly assassin. They held her in a restricted part of their facility and codenamed her "Project: Reaper".


For two years, they had her helping their team build new and terrifying weaponized vehicles, disguising them in ways that would go unsuspected by the public. The biggest projects she was tasked with were a modified Imponte Deluxo and the Akula attack helicopter. In that time, she became a deadly force, augmented mentally and physically to mold her into the one-woman-WMD they wanted her to be.


Their mistake was in thinking they had her under control.


After several training missions and official operations that "never happened", the facility git a little too comfortable, thinking she was just an obedient slave. But her mind was not nearly as broken as they thought. Reaper had been planning and waiting patiently for the chance to take everything they had made her into and to use it as a weapon against them, striking back and escaping in the process. She killed dozens of mercenaries hired by the IAA before finally disappearing, falling completely off of the facility's radar for almost a year.


When she finally did reappear, it was at an arms deal between the heads of the facility and a biker gang using the Senora Desert as the meeting place. She rolled in, driving a heavily modified version of her father's prized Imponte Duke's, using it to kill all but one person at the meeting, who was lucky enough to remain hidden. His report on the incident ended with him falling that car the "Duke o'Death".


Because of the attack and the subsequent destruction of millions of dollars worth of property, the facility led several attempts in finding and either recapturing or killing Reaper. None were successful. When she finally managed to confront the IAA twelve times face, her warning was clear. "forget me, or I won't stop until all of you are nothing but a memory".


The IAA immediately stopped their search for

Or her and now avoids contact with her at every turn.


Now, Reaper resides in Sandy Shores. She has a house full of weapons and her Duke o'Death in her garage, but is no longer the bloodthirsty assassin she was designed to be. She goes about her life, helping out around town, a quiet mystery to the people living there. She even works as a mechanic at the Los Santos Customs near her house, simply so her bills are paid and her life can continue on.


But for the right price and the right reason, she will gear up and ride out in her father's car, her Duke o'Death, with whatever mission she has been given dominating her every thought.


And when that happens, everyone should fear the Reaper.




If you have any questions, especially technical ones, I'd be happy to answer them :)

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