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Supply bar bug/glitch


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Not sure if anyone else have had this issue, but if my supply bar totally drains from being filled up & produce the full 140k, the supply bar will ofcourse show empty, but if I leave the session to play a contact mission, race or simply go to another session I land in the bunker & there is a tiny little piece left on the supply bar, now I can let that drain to nothing & it won't produce any more stock, but if I leave the session that little piece is back again.


Here is a list of things I have tried in an attempt to resolve the issue, none of which have worked:


Deleted local profile.

Waited in the same session for over an hour.

Waited for the little piece to drain away & then resupplied (both by buying & stealing)

& the obvious - rebooted the game.


It's obviously a visual bug as no product is created from it, but it's still annoying none all the same.


If anyone could help me, it would be really appreciated.



Thanks in advance.






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Do you receive the supplies when you order them?

Have you tried shutting the bunker down and starting it up again?

Thanks for the response :)


Yes I do after about 10 minutes, but usually I opt to go & sell cars from my warehouse after ordering supplies, which mean I have to switch sessions because I do this by changing spawn location from Farmhouse bunker to LSIA hangar for easy access to my cargobob, are you saying I should stay in the same session after ordering supplies & no I have yet to try shutting down the bunker.. would you say I need to let it drain before shutting down?

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Tbh i really don't know if staying in the session will make any difference. What happens when the supplies arrive? Does it just show the same as before or does it show full? And do you get any products from it? Sorry if the answer on this is obvious or I missed them, need my attention other places now also


Don't think it matters when you shut it down, afaik you loose the rest of the supplies and products anyway so use all supplies and sell products first if you don't want to lose any money

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ok I will try that & no it does not produce anything.. but you can see it gradually going down as if it was lol... I'll try it when I am next online & let you know how it goes..


Thanks again Kenmy! :)




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I tried shutting down but when I returned to the session that little piece of orange in my supply bar was back with a vengance lol



Not really sure what the solution is at this point?


I've even googled it.. all I get is idiot clickbaiters showing how to break the game & get banned... I want to avoid glitches, but alas the glitches never avoid me aaaaaaaaaaaa... Ok rant over, I guess the next update it will probably sort itself out :/



Still open to any & all suggestions GTAF ;)




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To bad it didn't work. I would maybe make a ticket at R* support or if you have a lot of money maybe try buying another bunker and see if that sorts it out

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To bad it didn't work. I would maybe make a ticket at R* support or if you have a lot of money maybe try buying another bunker and see if that sorts it out

I have just over 60 million, but I want to save that for this update folks keep running on about :p


I have opened a request with R* support

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  • 4 years later...

Have you found a way to fix it or do you still have this issue?


I have it too and it started after switching bunkers. I tried switching bunkers again, upgrading it, filling it up, resetting it several times, uncoupling it from the nightclub, switching nightclubs and yet every time i enter gta it's still there.

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