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Hello, my name is Caesar, I am the Lead Kommandant of Shadow Incorporated. We are currently on the search for new operatives and staff who are loyal to our cause. We take part in operations all across the vast landscape of GTA online, these operations include but aren't limited to: Search and Rescue, High - Value Target Elimination, Search and Destroy, HVT Convoys, Package Deliveries, Security Contracts, Clan Wars, Air Raids, and Heists. Whether it's simply finding a great "milsim", a heist crew, or just finding a splendid community of avid gta players, we are happy to provide.


Alot of other "milsims" take themselves way too seriously, we aren't fans of that. Twice a week we will be hosting game nights on other games such as Battlefield and Rainbow Six Siege, these game nights are open to both S.I members along with the public.


Anyways, Shadow Incoprorated's Military currently holds 4 branches: Shadow Army, Air Force, Law Enforcement, and S.I Security Forces. We are currently looking for recruits to fill in all occupation spots as we are currently low on staff, see the list below for all jobs specific to each unit and branch. Also, in each branch there are a few special units to serve for special purposes and needs. For Example, The Spartan Unit and The Rangers of our Army serve as the first respondersto any conflict and/or incoming threat. The XOF and the S.K.U.L.L Unit serve as the special operations unit, in which they carry out High - Value Target Eliminations and Search and Rescue Missions.




At least 16 years of age

Have good work ethic

Follow order efficiently

Possess maturity

Have Access to Military Vehichles

Be above Level 50

Have Fun!




Jobs Within Shadow Inc.




Enlist Using Discord! (AFTER APPLICATION)


https://discord.gg/6wqHJM(after application)


and message us!






Our Crew




also message our lead kommandant ~ zCasar





Enlist Now! And remember "Death Awaits You in the Shadows..."

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please limit your bumps to one per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.




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