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Authentic Hunting


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I would love for Redemption2 to have an amazing hunting experience. Not just with hunting missions, but being able to head out at any given moment to hunt animals in single player or online. Id love to be ale to track animals, Id love for wind to play a role on whether an animal can smell my scent, and Id love to see animals sleep, eat, and drink in different locations. Go out hunting with friends on horseback or on foot. In Redemption1, bears were on the constant attack when ever we got near, but in real life bears would most likely flee unless they felt threatened. Also, bears rarely hang out in packs like they do in Redemption1, youll only see stuff like that when the animals are fishing or something.


I dont know how everyone else feels about this. I hope more then a few of you would want a more in-depth hunting experience compared to the shooting gallery we saw in Redemption1. Hunting was a huge part of the old west, and I just dont feel like the first game did hunting Justice. I know rockstar can do better. I would also love to see bears being much much harder to kill in the next game. In the first game my friend and so could wipe out Bear Claw Camp with just our hunting knife (not throwing knives). It was entertaining for a short period, but in the end we wanted a proper hunting pass time that would serve as an activity we could enjoy long term.


Ive heard the Rockstar devs do read these forums, so heres to hoping this thread gets them to raise an eyebrow. Cheers, and I cant wait to play.

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Hunting will be one of the main factors in this game. It would be very difficult to see anything western without some form of hunting, also it was a big factor in RDR1 so i would expect a return. Im not too worried about hunting because i know R* will give us a great hunting experience. I just hope we could see animals attack each other and have flat out interactions with each other, for example imagine sneaking up on a bear and your about to take your shot and suddenly a pack of wolves come along attacking the bear. That would be a very immersive and cool thing to see. I wouldn't be surprised if a R* dev already went on here acting like a random user but in reality leaking something lol.

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Yea Im sure there have been devs lurking here from time to time. I enjoyed hunting in the first game too, but I hope they double down on it in Redemption2. Add more elements to the hunting experience. I completely agree 100% with animals interacting with eachother, hunting eachother, or having wolves and bears battle over a carcass lol. Maybe these predators could even attempt to steal an elk that weve shot? What ever Rockstar provides for us in Redemption2, I have faith that it will be a great experience.

Edited by djb204
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We appreciate your love for Red Dead Redemption and would love to hear more ideas from you.


Having said that, A thread is already created where you can post your wishes for the game.. Link is given below. Please use it.



EDIT: Had a talk with Spider and he has approved this thread.. So contribute away outlaws! ;)

Edited by VigMarston91
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Killing animals is wrong! I want to capture them and feed them treats. Wouldn't it be cool to have a pet beaver? I would name him Deputy Eli.

Edited by grope_4_that_date
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I had an idea when i saw the cat from the first trailer with the horse and the deer on the horse's back (was that Arthur? idk.) and I think someone here had the same idea where maybe if you field gut your prey that you can get like 20 bucks worth of meat but if you bring it into town you can have it butchered up right and get like 80 bucks from it. I was thinking maybe later in the game you buy a horse drawn wagon and you can put like 5 or 6 in there at a time and ride them back into town. i think that'd be cool.

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  • 1 month later...

This is something that I was hopping would be addressed in Farcry 5, a fleshed out hunting experience where you actually have to track down the animal. Farcry 5 taking place in rural america would have been the perfect place to refine and update the hunting mechanics that were introduced in Farcry3.


Even though GTAV didn't have the variety of animals like in rdr I still thought they did a good job with the hunting mechanics. You have to worry about being down wind and you can imitate calls to lure them. It was imo a step in the right direction.


So I hope in rdr2 they really go all out with the hunting, making it its own game. Seeing that snow and mud leaves footprints hopefully we can actually track animals. Maybe look for droppings or scratches on trees. Inspecting a dead carcass or bitten fruit. And in the first trailer we saw that guy carrying a deer carcass on the back of a horse so hopefully the skinning/looting and use of the hunted animal is more rewarding and immersive. Also keeping in mind the type of weapon and the origin of impact to better preserve the animal for selling.


If that leak was true with the fishing and how you have to use different lures then its safe to say the hunting will get a similar treatment. This is my most anticipated feature with RDR2, Farcry5 let me down with the hunting even though there was a huge potential to make it great so I hope Rockstar delivers on this front. They just need to merge and refine what they did with rdr and gtav, and then hopefully we'll get a hunting experience that feels like its own game.

Edited by phenetole
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