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Uncle Sikee Atric

Short Films

Recommended Posts

Uncle Sikee Atric

Short film is a genre that is often missed by the general mainstream and it is sometimes difficult to find outside of specialist cinema. But it is a genre that needs to be seen and recognised as most major stars have had at least one or two short films in their careers and it will break a lot of stars into the mainstream as well. It also promotes cinema from a lot of smaller nations and allows them to show their creative flair in a format that is easier to digest and concentrate on.


With the rise of Youtube and streaming services, short film is becoming easier to find and view, so I think it's time to start listing those that deserve to be seen by all.


As a starter, I'm listing Papers Please that launched only a few days ago. It might be a game adaptation (and needs the subtitles) but it is one of the best examples of how to make a game adaptation. Hollywood should take note of the style and grittiness as it captures the game perfectly (I have even had the same ending in a playthrough) and gives a taste of what is possible within the realm of short film.


Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric
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Nice topic!


One of my favorite short films is The Separation by Robert Morgan. It's stop-motion and can be a bit disturbing at times, but it's actually pretty heartbreaking.



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Femme Fatale



Adorable. ^_^

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The Time Ranger
Posted (edited)

I recently watched this, it's called Born In The Maelstorm.


It's set in this surreal, oddly dreamlike world where white and black women live apart, here a young biracial woman called Rebecca struggles to find her place amongst this divided society, all the while dealing with both her wants and her mothers trauma.


The cinematography is beautiful with some gorgeous shots and within the 28 min runtime it introduces us to this land of natural beauty that is so divided, which raises questions about their society that leave you wanting to know more. It's an intriguing premise and the mysterious, and dream like world that they exist in gives this fantasticial feeling, yet also grounded in contempary social issues.

Edited by The Time Ranger
I don't know why my text is so big

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Since I'm a big fan of Jurassic Park/World franchise,I liked this a lot:


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Posted (edited)

One of my favorites. They used about 3,000 corporate logos and mascots for this film. Can't embed the video but will provide the link:



Edited by RARusk

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Posted (edited)

I haven't seen Star Wars, but I love this short film called George Lucas In Love.

Edited by ilovebender.com

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