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Looking for some ppl to play on ps4, mainly into races


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Just created this account to find some people to play GTA with.


I speak english and dutch, play ps4, am 20 years old and I'd label myself a casual gamer / GTA player.

Used to play GTA online with a bunch of friends but since everyone around me is only into fortnite now, I'd be open to meet some new people to play with. My life doesn't revolve around gaming and I only play GTA atm. I don't have a schedule, I play whenever I want to play and when I'm on GTA I'm usually doing other stuff simultaneously, chilling with friends / checking my laptop whatever, so if you're someone who gets upset when I'm afk for 10 minutes, we probably won't get along.


I'm currently around level 125 I think, been playing since GTA V came out, started on ps3 and then switched to ps4. I consider myself an okay player but I'll admit I ain't the best at heists and stuff, I'm p good at driving and races however. Favorite method of making money is the vehicle work atm. Favorite things to do in GTA are customizing cars / stunt races, stuff like that. Mostly play stunt races when I'm on cause they allow me to get some stuff done / have a smoke in the intermission time, but I'm always open to try the stuff from new updates / do things I haven't explored before in GTA. I'm not a tryhard, not into trolling noobs, just wanna have a good time whenever I'm playing. I don't get angry easily and usually get along with people I talk to online.


Mainly looking for people in the same age group my friends are in, 17-25. Not looking to play with 14 y/olds.


Besides GTA, I'm really into hiphop (mainly oldschool stuff), films and series, and I'm a car guy.


Thx for reading if you've made it this far lol. Add me on PSN if you want to play with me. My PSN is Xizoa. Just send me a message that you're from the forums or something.

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