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World Game League (WGL) Deathmatch League

Alan Killmaster

Recommended Posts

Alan Killmaster

World Game League


5 on 5 Deathmatch League

Show case you're crew


Coming Soon WGL Live (Apple App Currently under for world wide store)

- Kik: WorldGameLeague
- Discord: World Game League#3220

- Email: [email protected]
- Xbox Live: Alan Killmaster

Event/ Services
- 5v5 Tournaments
- Official Match Request
- Statistics Analysis
- Personal Meetings
- Match Breakdown Services

  • Current looking for teams/crews. That are interested in being apart of the WGL.
  • Currently looking for referee's for match's and be admins on Apple Application

Sign Up You'r Crew



Organizing The GTA Community

Introducing a 5 on 5 online League with Season long tournaments under a officiating organization. Featuring real team and player statistics & Community forum the will serve as the platform for the result of you're match to be posted for the community to see.


We train and are the keepers of the referee's that will be officiating you're match


GTA has taken a downfall in the past couple years because of the crazy EXPLOSIVE weapons. Making it nearly impossible for players to actually compete on a far level playing field and determine who is the best player with an assault rifle.

So I want to introduce you to the World Game League (WGL). The WGL is a organizing and officiating organization that legitimizes Grand Theft Auto death matches. In 5 on 5 refereed matches. Only statistics and results of the time the referee has ended will be counted toward the teams scores. This is as legitimate as it gets for GTA Death matches.

The is a opportunity to take you’re crew to public attention

We are featuring a wall / forum in our Apple Application. Where the latest news can be seen for the entire GTA community to watch. The results of the matches that took place.

For more info visit our website:




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