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The Pit™ Public Lobby and Access Contest


Recommended Posts



Welcome to The Pit™


The Pit™ is back! For those of you who are less familiar with GTAF history, The Pit™ is the legendary forum area where you can air your grievances against your fellow GTAFers in an unmoderated, no holds barred atmosphere. Got a problem with someone? Call them out in The Pit™! Pissed off about something on the forum? Rant about it in The Pit™. Enjoy a little unrestricted banter? You'll find it in The Pit™.


Due to the nature of the content and to comply with the policies of our advertisers, this forum is private. You will need to earn access if you wish to participate. In order to verify your worthiness for access, we're going to have a rap battle. Staff will monitor this thread and choose potential participants based on the quality of their banter. You can rap about an individual, a group, a section or the whole damned forum. Your choice. Just keep it within the forum rules here. If you're chosen, you'll get access to an area where there are no rules. Participants should be aware, however, that the no rules policy also applies to staff. If you're expecting to act like a spammy c*nt in The Pit™, you'll get the boot or worse. Privilege comes with responsibility.



Here's a tune to set the mood.







Show us what you got!


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yo yo yo Scratch is wack,
He changed his name to Lazerface coz he was on crack,
Tried to finesse me but yo I got him caught in my trap,
Hit 'em with that left right like I was YG on that track




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Hugh750, Please suck my ass.

Constantly in need, you ain't got no class.

You make me hurt myself just to make you go away.

Even my pets hate you they complain all day.

Kicking my puppy, pretending it's you.

PETA's on my case now so a big fu*k you.

Edited by Tonguegirl
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[Fast rap]


Oh my God the pit is back

No holds bar sh*ts gonna get ugly like a Sleestak

Babies gonna cry no rules to abide

Trump is gonna diche his toupae no mercy that's no lie

Everyone is gonna walk this way hell to pay

I'm going sit at the sideline and watch

As they drop like flies just like a heart attack

I ain't Carter so theirs no welcome back

If you lose in the Battle you're name will be jacked

Watch for the blowback sh*ts gonna get buck wild

Keyboards gonna get loud, some just gonna lurk around

Voodoo play us the Neptune sound and everyone else jump around

[Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!]

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I was gonna overthrow the bourgeoisie, but then I got high.. (ooohh ooooh)
I was gonna dismantle the corporations, but then I got high..

Now I'm bitchin' about capitalism and I know why (why maaaan)..

Because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiiiiiiiigh (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

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I submit my application in the form of a haiku :


'I don't like the Pit.

The concept makes me sick.

Others can keep it.'


Thank you.



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Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I'll be in the Pit™

I hope I'll see you.

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There once was an internet forum,

who's members lacked certain decorum.

To combat the stress,

and eliminate mess,

they just made a place to ignore 'em.

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Let's talk about this Forum's biggest f*ckin' sucka'

MrBossFTW it's the name of the muthaf*cka'

Posting glitches that only ruin the f*cking game

Doesn't care about community - only wants money & fame!


Doin' clickbait sh*t, yellow arrows, rainbow headers

Exploiting little kids who don't know any better

Everyone wants him gone, but he's still around today

I can only wonder how much is the staff getting paid!

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It's the world wide web,

Don't sh*t the bed,

Just calm your head,

Listen to some Dre and play some gta instead. Maybe if you're brave you can join The Pit,

Yeah I edited this hours later, I don't give a sh*t.

Internet went down, now i'm back in this sh*t.

Who you gonna beef with?

Edited by Neon_Dreaming
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The Pit is the hottest new point,

Hoes gonna rock this joint.

Lets give it a chance,

Try to enhance.

It's gonna be wall of rant,

Haters try to control their pant.

Got some banter?

Take a gander.

The Pit is back,

Section will be spammed blue and black.

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These are great. We'll be granting access to the best posters later today.

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The rules favor native English speakers, but I won't let that stand in my way. Witness me:


11 years, 16k of sh*tposts and warnings
I fly a Yardie flag and I'm ballin'
Every time I post I get an erection
Even my sh*tposts are regarded as perfection
Been here to witness cat spiders and slamman
I broke a lot of rules but I'm still not banned

Edited by Darth Yokel
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Ragedandcaged trolling them kids,

those angry folks blowing their lids.

So many puns coming from his mouth,

too bad he ain't got much going down south.

He loves griefing folks all across the city,

hates getting friend killed ain't that a pity.

Trolling with Oppressors giggling like a girl,

HappyHunter's chopper making him hurl.

Deadpool's his idol there is no doubt,

though DP would totally lay him out.

He liked to mock isn't that grand,

sorry old fellow but you've been banned.

Edited by D9fred95
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yo yo yo uuuuh


DemonicSpaceman yo' time has come

I believe all them squeakers who say they fukked ur mum

Every thread you post in turns to sh*t

When I read your drivel all I think is "who the f*cks this b*tch?"

You seem pent up, in need of release

Here's some Vaseline, go wreck your mums sheets.


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Yo yo

Can't believe you're bringing this kind of forum in

Today it's a crime to offend anyone

Therefor you surley are breaking some kind of law

f*ck feminism



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the online section is aids, ya'll never gon f*ckin laid.

had to get myself the f*ck outta there cos I ain't no f*ckin square.


now I be kickin' it in a better place with homies that ended

mcfarland once and for all. we had beef yeah I'll admit so cut the sh*t and put me in the f*ckin' pit.


o sh*t, wait there's more. voodz better be holdin' the door. there's a member I can't stand, times where they need to be hit with the back of my hand. is it rafs or is it kush? truth be told.. but for now imma put ya'll on hold.



Edited by xxi
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Cue the music I’m bout to sh*t talk a 'nubis

I got a shiny new tool kit to fix your face and I’ll use it

Flippin' birds, I ain’t talkin' no middle finger

Line up to kiss the ring of your girl's fave clit eater

Lazer nut comin' out the oven hot

Stuntin' on you bumbaclots fronting like you runnin' blocks

Bet your mother love to watch you come up out ya f*ckin' socks

Talking sh*t like YG, these is sixth grade rhymes


Edited by Lazerface
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Yo, ya'll know my cute crushes, mtd and Lazerface?

Every time I get flirty with the latter, he sprays me with mace

He feels creeped out by my puppy love cuz he's a lil' bitch

How pathetic, I just want him to scratch my itch

He should be a man about it like make total destroy

He's a cute punk, so don't you dare mess with my boy

Every word that comes out of his pretty lips are gold

I love every one of his posts, new and old



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Journey, no friend of mine


Journey, no friend of mine Not this space, not this time


Journey, no friend of mine let's just end it here cuz I forgot my line

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Arthur and Audi lol who the f*ck are y'all

Last I heard y'all were jerking each other in a stall

One looks like a bum the other has no face

Say hello to two real life cases of human waste





p.s. When y'all sucking each other's dicks just to share how bad they taste?







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Gonna sail down the seven seas

Not gonna worry these other pleas

Gonna sail sail on

Til I get my drink on

In the sea there's no tomorrow

Don't care if I have to beg steal or borrow

Gonna sail keep on sailing this ship

Might be a week might be a month til I get to that bottomless Pit



A sailor song I guess. Or sailor rap if you l like.

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none of these people should be allowed access

Damn I forgot to include you in my rap


Edit on the way



im glad you can take time out of creepily hitting on females in the member photos thread to include me in your rap, truly honored

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