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Any tips for playing this game?

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I played GTA IV a decade ago when it came out and I decided to get the Xbox One/Xbox 360 version that came out recently with GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City. The graphics do look aged though, I thought it would've looked better on Xbox One.


Is there anything I should do to make the game fun? I'm at the point where Vlad is a contact and I'm dating Michelle. I did look up weapons and got some pistols for later.

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Algonquin Assassin

There is no XB1 version. It’s just the 360 version that’s bc now to be played on the XB1 so it’s just the same game that was originally released in 2008 hence the slightly aged look.


As for making the game fun personally I enjoy the side missions. Later on if you decide to spare Dwayne and hang out with him enough to unlock his backup perk that’s really useful for the vigilante missions, most wanted missions etc.


Messing around with the physics, trolling peds, hanging out with the friends/girlfriends etc are also things I like to do.

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Swingset glitch all the way.


Other than that pushing people off a cliff is fun, driving at full speed and running over pedestrians is something that I love to do or get on top of the Festival Towers with a wanted level and kill any cop who tries to climb the ladder, it is quite entertaining.


Or you can just play through the story and then start TLaD and then TBoGT if you like the storyline.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the responses, when I run into Dwayne, I'll spare him.


Recently, I just did the missions up to "Do you have Protection?" and finished Roman's taxi runs as well as Little Jacob's drug runs too. I decided to just gets guns and armor from the various places instead of the gunshop. Too expensive. I decided to make some money as well with those jobs. I'm glad I have a smartphone with Youtube now to find the weapons and armor.

Edited by Wingate167

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