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Do you spend more time as a CEO or MC President?

El Payaso

Do you spend more time as CEO or MC President?  

83 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you spend more time as?

    • CEO
    • MC President

Recommended Posts


CEO, I use that for my Bunker, Hanger, and DDH stuff too.


I spend more time as CEO. The costs for MC are too much for me.


Always fill your businesses, however you do that is your call naturally, and then quit the MC, and do your thing. Just be sure to either change session, or run a job/playlist before going to check on the businesses. No/minimal bills.


5 businesses here, with the bunker (do the same here too), near $40k I think per game day. Hell no, I'd sooner be anywhere else, lol.

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CEO. So I can do VIP work in between stuff and insta-spawn Buzzard


MCs, I have my sh*t shut down so I don't have fees. But there's no benefit to being an MC... 80% of MC's are assholes anyways.

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MC because of my Oppressor. CEO is my go-to when I want to use my Stretch E or Buzzard.

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Cutter De Blanc

Motorcycle Club > Return Vehicle to Storage > Disband Motorcycle Club


I do that a lot, I probably spend more time in the MC as a result

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normally ceo because ghost org but since i got the akula i spend most time as neither!

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Today was the first time in months I registered as an MC just to buy coke supplies and then disbanded right after.

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CEO. I only register as an MC when I bail out from my airplanes to send them back to storage to avoid the insurance fees & wanted level.


I bought an MC after Smuggler's Run came out for sole purpose of sending aircraft back to storage.

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As a mostly lone wolf, definitely CEO. The full suite of options like InstaBuzzard, Ghost Org and BST being fully available when solo is just too useful to pass up; MCs require too many people to get access to the full range of abilities and even with a full crew you're left with sub-par options compared to CEO. Calling an Oppressor or dismissing a nearby PV is useful but the only time I'm in MC mode for more than 30 seconds at a time is for business work, and I switch back to CEO or neutral as soon as I'm done.

Edited by IamCourtney
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Oh, unless I'm doing a 2 player Hangar sale cause we really need the Buzzard to get back home for the other helis/planes/whatever fast.


When selling a Hangar or Bunker stuff, I make sure I'm an MC. That way the people can earn a share of what I make. I never need help on the Bunker.... I'm just nice and hire low levels so they get some easy money for just tagging along and helping me do a restock mission afterwards

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Only time I use MC these days is to either return a vehicle to storage, spawn an Oppressor (very rarely), or sell my bunker (so that the people helping actually get paid for their effort. Otherwise the fact that the CEO has both instant armed Buzzard spawn (for free) and Ghost Organisation (in case things are about to go tits up) means it's my go to.


Only thing that has me intrigued is flight formation in an MC, which might be useful in Hangar missions. I believe it will heal planes as well as increase the speed of slower ones.


I never use the BST or spawn armour options as CEO. I keep meaning to but always forget (I'm mostly fighting from vehicles if somebody comes after me).

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I use MC 70% of the time even when I'm not doing any business for the following reasons:


- I use Oppressor a lot to move around the map and to spawn it in case of any attack

- If the police is about to kill you during a chase, you can send your vehicle back to the garage instantly and avoid it to get impounded.


Reasons I use CEO (10% of the time):

- For I/E missions and Buzzard

- CEO's vehicles are very useful if you don't want to replace a personal vehicle (e.g. go to a personal aircraft location)
- Sometimes I activate Ghost Org.

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CEO all the f*ckin' way!!


Mostly because:


A. I enjoy the VIP work on the side.

B. The useful options at hand (although I rarely use them sometimes).

C. It's beneficial to me when it comes down to running solo most of the time.

D. I'm mostly solo. A lone wolf. There's an "I" in my team.

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I definitely spend more time as a CEO. I make 99% of my money via Import/Export, so that's how I spend much of my time. (Looking at the other businesses, they're more trouble than they're worth for me since I work alone most of the time) I only spend any appreciable amount of time as an MC president is when Biker Contract missions are 2X $ and RP. Then I'll get my friends together and we'll run those in a private session.

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Well, i don't have an office, so MC will be.

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CEO. My MC businesses are all full waiting to be sold (and have been for the last 6 months +) so don't want them raided. MC president is rarely used due to this.

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Being able to instantly spawn any of my 32 bikes > Everything else.

I closed all the businesses over a year ago to avoid paying for being a president.

If CEO would let me spawn any car the same way i spawn bikes i would use that, but when the best it has to offer is a buzzard that takes away the will to live until it gets off the ground, pass.

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Main account im ceo alot of the time because of the benefits it has,occasionally im mc if i need my broomstick :). Staff costs are minimum as everything is shut down


Badsport account im neither as i dont have ceo or mc, my characters home is a sultan rs (with vented hood and rollcage lol) my rank 15 is as hardcore as they come :D

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Since i stopped doing businesses, I've spent way more time as a MC just to use the Oppressor instantly.


But for making money I usually spend more time as a CEO

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CEO 24/7.
MC President - Only to change the vehicle... Sadly, but it doesn't have any other useful abilities (for me at least).

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As a single player, with friends occasionally, mostly spend time as CEO. I don't own any MC businesses so really no point for me.

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CEO always...unless I have bonds to move, then I retire and go passive so I can conduct my business in peace. Can't remember the last time I registered as a MC...although I do still like to hangout at the clubhouse now and again.

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Yellow Dog with Cone

CEO for resupplies and I/E, MC for sales and despawning vehicles.


Mostly CEO.

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MC prez.I love having the ability to get a motorcycle delivered whenever I want without cooldown period,and the clubhouse contracts are fun and pay well.Being in MC also fits my character better than being in an organisation,since he's a biker.

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