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(XB1)GTA Online MCEC Starts April 7th


Recommended Posts

GTA Online Multi-Class Endurance Championship
Season 1
April 7th-June 30th

The event will be near-enough identical to last season in terms of how it is ran, and the format. Each race will be about 90 minutes long, and there will only be two GT classes, 10 racers each. However, this time around, the GTs will be based on skill - while this may seem controversial, it is the best course of action for this. Additionally, please refer to spreadsheet linked below for all information as it automatically updates with all the relevant information - this OP will not necessarily be up to date at all times.
Team draws will take place after the final round of Jiros7's Clash Of The Coupes

Week 1 Information:

Date: April 7th
Track: Path of Deviation
Class: Supers
-GT1: Autarch
-GT3: Cheetah
Customs: On

Restricted Modifications: No Off-Roads
or underglow lights
-GT1: None
-GT2: None
-GT3: None

Laps: 42
Time: Current
Weather: Clear

Team/Individual Standings and Schedule (use this!): docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o-VQ13L99EH-arrOcXpD3kk_GQZNcTIn2fC8Q5lCw28/edit?usp=sharing
Sign-Up Form: docs.google.com/forms/d/1Qn2OtSgYVwTPwxmE_y5FTTfL9Bmr5pN7uyflJcUbK-Y

You are absolutely required to have your own car to race, even if you are a reserve. If you do not have the required car to race, you will not be allowed to race and will receive 0 points.

Car Modification Restrictions:
No car is allowed off-road tires (few exceptions, such as off-road class). On the spreadsheet there will certain restricted mods such as certain liveries (where they apply) and no spoiler (where they apply). I will not be actively checking these mods until the race has started as it is your responsibility to follow the restrictions. Penalties for infractions below.

Invites for the pre-race lobby will go out at 6:30PM BST. The actual race will be starting at 7:00PM BST. If you are late, there will be little leniency. Additional offences will result in grid penalties, and even disqualifications.

Starting Procedure:
Drivers will line-up in a staggered grid formation (think Formula One). If the track does not have pre-existing grid lines (e.g. stunt track pieces), then give about a car length between drivers, unless there are ground marking (e.g. lines on the road). Drivers will proceed to race at the sound of an explosion, GT2 will follow 15-30 seconds later and the sound of another explosion, GT3 15-30 seconds after that.

Respawning and Pitting:
There is no respawning in the race (unless you are stuck) - if you are off the track, please drive back on and do not respawn unless you absolutely have no other options. As for pitting, be cautious when entering and exiting the pits. Violating respawn rules will result in a penalty.

You can be penalized for many reasons, the most obvious is not following proper racing guidelines. Even if you give the positions back, constant poor driving will result in 5 point penalties and DQs.
Causing violence and killing in free-roam (as well as not being in passive mode) will result in point deductions, DQs, and grid set-backs.
If you car is not outfitted with the proper restrictions, point deductions will be given unless (3 points), unless you are caught with off-road tires or an illegal upgrade if the car is not allowed to have one, and in the case, you’ll be DQed.

-Curb Boosting: Drivers in this event are allowed to use curb and bump boosting freely. You will not be penalized for cleanly overtaking other drivers on the curbs. If you do however wreck other drivers by recklessly curb boosting, penalties will be dished out (video proof required)
-Back Markers and Overtaking GT2/3: Back markers of any class must allow the fast driver through. GT2 and GT3 on the other hand are not required to allow GT1 by. GT1 drivers must find their own way by cleanly.

Read more: http://cloud9racing.freeforums.net/thread/1035/online-mcec-season-starts-april#ixzz57lKbRXvu

Edited by bdogs_gaming
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