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Run&Gun League


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The RnG league is a long term league with matchdays in the weekends.
Points is awarded for victory, and all registered teams are placed in the leauge standings.
This is a league where your team can face the fight for HONOR and GLORY,
by finishing in the top of the standings, or face the dramatic fight for survival in the bottom of the standings!


  • The league will consist of 2 leagues with 6-12 squads each from various crews
  • Each crew can submit 1-2 squads for the league (example: CREW1 & CREW2)
  • Each squad must contain minimum 4-8 players, registerd to play in the league
  • All squads picks a leader (main contact person) and a 2nd in comand (reserve contact person)
  • The squad leader picks out the top 4 or 3 players to play on matchday
  • All registerd squads in the league will face eachother 2 times, 1home game, 1 away game
  • Every squad picks a map for home games, can only be changed on sundays
  • 3points is awarded for victory
  • 0 points is awarded for loss
  • 2points is awarded for victory on sudden-death
  • 1point is awarded for loss on sudden-death
  • If a team gets disqualified, 0points is awarded to that team
  • If your oponent dont show up within 20min, or is disqualified, your team is awarded 3points

    • Assault rifles with standard ammo only
    • No kinds of helmets are allowed, including cosmetic ones
    • Free Aim only
    • Comunication during matchday is limited to the Official RnG Leauge Discord only
    • Home teams map wil be publicly published by the official RnG Leauge Discord
    • Squads are allowed to change map 1 time during the season, this must be reported to admins
    • 4v4 only, but 3v3 is optional if a squad have less players available
    • Registered leauge players only!
    • Players in the same squad must also be in the same crew(active)
    • Squad leader from each team send in screenshots of the results after the match to admins

      Interested in joining the Leagues?
      Fill out the form below to enter your crew to the Official RnG League:
      * The League is planned to start in March 2018!



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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Is this a Crew Recruitment thread or an event thread?


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