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Textures bugs on Vice City Android

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Hello! I can't manage to get working road texture mods and cars/peds mods properly on Vice City for Android.

Road mod results in not showing the new road texture and corrupted textures of the whole city, and cars mods results on cars with a very rare and very bad looking.


I figured that gta3img.txt file is related to roads and more textures, ve_high.img to cars related and ped_high.img to peds. But don't find how to fix it :(


Info: Samsung S5 900A Rooted+Vice City 1.07 apk with CLEO included and with Handling.cfg deleted and spanish.gxt reeplaced with one mine using Apk Editor Pro-many CLEO scripts-many mods (handling, carcols, gxt, music, pedsgroup, ped.ifp, path.ipl, and more). My PC PSU is wrecked so i'm editing on the S5 with TXD Tool 1.2.8 and IMG TOOL apps. Wrote to TXD TOOL developer and he said that seems to be a bug and will fix it on next update, but i saw other people videos with txd/cars/peds mods working fine! So, somebody can help me? Here are some screenshots of both issues, of city textures and cars textures. Please help me to get it right. Thanks in advance.


The screenshots are here:



Edited by luy0VCLOVE

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