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I am unable to complete the air race MILITARY SERVICE .I have tried about 30-40 times but its all useless.Any tips on how to do this?Can anyone help me in doing the mission?I play on iOS 9.3.5.My game version is 1.07 or something nearby.

I do not have a computer so i cant upload the save on gtasnp..instead here is the google drive link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19q5dTh1B_f6SiXUKEzynH8_tihgEKFEV .Any help would be seriously appreciated as i am dying to create a 100% file.I have reached 97%
Please even help in doing the chiliad challenge.Rest all is my headache

Edit: << Do Not Multipost. Use the Edit Function to Add, Change, or Delete texts in an unanswered post. >>

Edit: Thanks bro. I am a noob here so i don't know how to post.Or wait i upload the file via android on SnP.. gtasnp.com/0MWcyg. .plz i need urgent help


Posted Today, 04:16 AM

Isn't anyone willing to help
Edited by lil weasel
combined three posts.

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3 answers to this question

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Posted (edited)



Also don't give up, i tried it also 30+ times before i did it.

Try, try and again try until you complete it. I think we aren't alone who even had a problem with this.

Edited by P.E.K.K.A

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Posted (edited)

You could try it with the landing gear down, it will slow the plane down a bit and the time will be poor but it will help to not overshoot the checkpoints.

Edited by JAJ

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Jaj the landing gear down works only on pc and ps2(maybe).On the mobile version it automatically comes into full throttle after gaining some hieght and bending the hydra.




Anyways i did it. Just a few more times by taking it real easy on the accelator

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