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The Eddo

[REL|MP2] Max Payne 2: Fixing the Payne

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The Eddo

I've been working on this mod lately, so here's another update:


* Any thrown Molotovs now cause five fiery pieces of glass fragments to fly out with randomized direction and rotation upon explosion, just like in MP1.
* Molotov explosions now leave behind a unique decal, just like in MP1.




Second page!

Edited by The Eddo

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The Eddo

Here's an update that took me more than one hour to make:


* Removed the "Max shoots TV" feature, it prevented people from watching the Dick Justice episode that appears in the cutscene.
* Replaced all characters' "simulated shooting" commands with the proper weapon animation-playing and ammo-deducting commands from their non-cutscene shooting animations.
(In addition, if the character doesn't already have the weapon he\she is going to fire in the animation, then the character will be given one.)


* All weapons now use one model for both far and near distances, which no longer causes the weapon animations to not display when the camera is far away.

* Mona now fires only one bullet instead of two when shooting the bodyguard in the security camera cutscene in "Love Hurts".


OP updated!

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The Eddo

Since I'm never satisfied with this mod's features, an update. Excuse the bump though:


* Repositioned subtitles to a better position, yet again.
* Improved and polished some of the internal mechanisms for a number of features in the mod.
* Replaced Max's static "lying dead" animation in "A Losing Game" with the one from Max's initial cutscene animation in "There Are No Happy Endings" for consistency.


* Replaced Mona's dialogue hack in "Out of the Window" with a (workaround-based) fix that re-enables the actual dialogue trigger in the level which was left disabled by Remedy.
* The Desert Eagle is now silver-plated instead of gold because it's kinda odd to see that even a small-time mobster uses a gold-plated handgun.
* Removed the "bullet wound on Mona's forehead" feature, it makes no sense because it doesn't appear in graphic novel cutscenes.


* Fixed the two-handed run and walk animations for all male and female AI characters, they no longer use the one-handed ones when running or walking in some directions.

* Added a new weapon: Vlad's Desert Eagle, a unique new weapon that Vlad now uses in all of his appearances:


It's completely the same as the normal Desert Eagle, but only it uses the original gold-plated texture to match the dynamic object mesh in "That Old Familar Feeling".
It uses the Beretta's one-handed shooting animations, because it looks much better when fired with one hand.
It uses it's own shoot and reload sounds, which are both ported directly from MP1.


It's available to Max in "That Old Familiar Feeling".
It appears on the top of the Handguns slot when available.
It doesn't share ammo with the normal Desert Eagle, because Max is "compelled to give Vlad his gun back".


Max can only carry up to eleven bullets for it, one bullet as spare ammo was needed to allow the player to reload the gun properly.
Max cannot dual-wield it, even if you somehow spawn two pickups of the gun.
Max can still carry the normal Desert Eagle.


It's not included in the "best weapons" list because it's a special weapon (and it's statistics are the same as the actual Desert Eagle anyway).
A proper "GetDesertEagleVlad" console command is added.
The weapon is compatible with the "Coder", "GetAllWeapons" and "GetInfiniteAmmo" console commands.


And here's a little screenshot for those who demand photographic evidence:




OP updated!


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The Eddo

Emergency update:


* Removed the broken "Max switches weapons in 'Out of the Window' level" feature, I never knew that this feature was broken.

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Very cool gun you got there ;)

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