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Just got the game, and I'm confused with how food and fatness works. Also are stats important? If so, how do I increase them.

Edited by Nolqn

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3 answers to this question

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Respect? Sex appeal? Muscle? Do stats go down?

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lil weasel

Do not double post. Use the EDIT feature to Add, Change, or Delete new information if your post is unanswered.

GYM. Using the various equipment makes added Muscle (and increased stamina) better.
Fatten Up at the Fast Food shops (10 meals), Then go to the Gym and Ride the Stationary Bike. Four units of Fat will Equal One unit of Stamina (4:1).
Lifting weights, will Make Muscle.


Not eating will decrease the Muscle, when the muscle is gone, then the Fat will be consumed. Eventually Carl will be "Wasted".




Eating too many meals at once (13±) Carl will upchuck.
As Carl eats his body weight will change. Being too fat will preclude Carl from a couple of Missions, and he will not be able to jump or run well.


Doing the "Burglary" Mission completely will give Carl infinite Running ability, Prior to that he can run for a bit then tire out, having to rest.

Running, on foot (best) or Bicycling will increase the Health Bar. The Health Bar is permanent.

Completing the "Paramedic" Mission will double Carl's normal (regular) health bar.

Edited by lil weasel

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Muscle, stamina and health will increase by itself sufficiently from running and cycling during normal play (holding shift, getting as fast as posible from point to point), and are usually maxed out for me by the time I complete the storyline. So if you don't like the gym, you don't need to do it.

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