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[Storyline] The Money Chronicles


Recommended Posts


Most Promosing Storyline 2018




Big Thanks to *Qi* for making those mind blown logos!LsfERKc.png





Hello DYOM'ers, today is the day to start 2nd Storyline, since I'm canceled Fort Carson Stories, I'm thinking to design a new storyline. The storyline will be made by the company again: YasirRFL and Eddy4312. The activity of this storyline will be same as The King of Los Santos storyline, by the way, no skins to be downloaded, just play this storyline and you're good.




San Andreas, somewhere around the 80's.


The Crime Families rises with the help of corrupt cops and Politicians. James Daniels is just a 21 years old kid who doesn't care about his family, but how to fight with thugs and earn easy money. The 5 Group of Gangs wants to take over the city with extortions or blood. James Lance and his friend Sam Roger came back to San Andreas, they saw many changes in SA. The Sethdev's Mafia helped Daniels and Sam to stand again on feet. Daniels will saw many dead people and how much killed everyone in LV.






James Daniels

His past is shad, and his business is even shadier. What people know about him is that he own an apartment by Vincent in LV. Apparently, he is an investor, a very wealthy one. It is believed he had some deals with governments of other countries, even FBI. But rumors are rumors. He is interested in financing highly illegal activities. Organised him own private Heist team and put ex-street racer Samwise Adder as a leader. He says the team is all about getting more money. But he already has a fortune, he doesn't need the cash. There might be something more to all this than he is telling.




Sam Roger
He was born into a typical American family. His parents ensured he had a nice education and a nice life in future. He also has a younger sister with who he was very close when they were kids. When Sam was a child it was obvious that he was a wild spirit. Living recklessly and never thinking about future. He was never interested in family life and boring daily grinds. He always strived for more. He flunked school on purpose and ran away from the home. In his quest to find himself Sam met and lived with some dangerous people. He has seen lots of blood, death, drugs and all other things that plague the ''ghetto''. His passion for cars pushed him in direction of street racing. He soon proved to be very talented and started making a name for himself. After couple of years he was a grown man and most notorious street racer in the country. Recently he met James Daniels who gave him an interesting offer which will change him forever.


Vincent Sethdev
He's the main leader of Sethdev's mafia. A man who wants to rule the entire LV, with money and power and even respect. He didn't see his old friend Sam Roger even 5 years, and he wants him to join his mafia and work, but that work is killing people, extortion, and blood. He's was a weapon enthusiast who owned a gun shop in Liberty City with his friend who grew up together Drake Richards.



Drake Richards
He's Vincent's bodyguard in Sethdev's mafia. He hates people, when they didn't finish the job correctly, and after that, he wants someone's head, he's being serious, but sometimes he gots emotional problems, he knows everything about Balkan's Mafia.


Tang Sung Jao
He's the leader of Eastern's Dragons mafia and he owned an Eastern Dragons Casino, (looks example like Four Dragons Casino) he's doing good profits and business with Sethdev's mafia and helps them to defeat people, who hate Vincent.







Tang Sung Ciao
He's the Tang Sung Jao's son, his life is just same as Eastern Dragon members.



He's a Lance's another old friend. When Lance was still in LC, he worked with Balkans', but now he's a traitor.





Sethdev's Mafia

The mafia who owned was Vincent Sethdev. The mafia territory is in Visage Casino, the mafia who has a biggest casino and hotel. The car who mafia owned is Blue Pregant and Admiral.



Balkan's Mafia

The mafia who came from Yugoslavia in Balkan's countries, and came to Las Venturas, they are most dangerous mafia, who has a lot of reputation and money in the vault, they earned three casinos: Caligula's Casino, Royal Casino, and other one is Clown Pocket's casino. The mafia who owned was Luigi Rasgulastovich. The car who mafia owned is Black Huntley.



Eastern Dragons Mafia

The mafia who came from Chinese, and came to Las Venturas. They are most friendly men who help The Sethdev's Mafia. The leader of this gang is Tang Sung Jao. They have a casino which is called Eastern Dragons Casino (Four Dragons Casino). They don't care about money, all they care about is reputation and courage.



The Redsands Bikers

They are the bikers who don't have a leader, they have a West and East Redsands territory, the vehicle they using is Freeway and Burrito, they are also strong and good at tactics.



The Hoodlum

They are mostly poor gangsters in this gambling city, they have a small territory who has a poor life in it, they always smoking and being serious men. They are dogs who are messing with all mafias, the car they using is Sanchez, Savanna, Voodoo.








Chapter 1: The Gambling's Beginning



1. Before you would start.
2. City of lights.
3. The Tour in Golden City.
4. Cause lotta leather.
5. Fist to Fist
6. Redsand's RPG.
7. The Flaming Bikers
8. The Balkan's Vans
9. After midnight
10. The Eagles in Desert
11. The New Conception
12. Outro






Chapter 2: The Homefront


















- 18-01-15: The project is started making in progress.
- 18-01-17: 1st and 2nd mission is out!
- 18-01-19: 3rd mission is out!
- 18-01-20: 4th mission is out!
- 18-01-22: 5th mission is out!
- 18-02-19: The DEMO is already out!
- 18-02-16: The project was paused for a while.
- 18-02-19: The project is unpaused, now designers will design missions.
- 18-02-19: 6th and 7th mission are out!
- 18-02-20: 8th mission is out!
- 18-02-21: 9th mission is out!
- 18-02-24: 10th mission is out!
- 18-02-25: 11th and 12th mission is out!
- 18-02-25: The entire Chapter 1 is out!!!
- 21-01-07: Chapter 2's script has started being written, the project has reborn.
- 21-01-08: 1st mission is finished!
- 21-01-09: 2nd mission is finished!









Martin: For creating this MP
Eddy4312: For helping me with designing the series.
YasirRFL: For helping me with designing the series.
Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For creating a mod: DYOM.
Seemann: For creating Cleo, without Cleo, dyom won't work properly.






Please give a feedback and review it! THANK YOU!


Edited by Martin_Strada
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Demo was great, Many gangs and characters its perfect. I like it, I will give my review when full chapter 1 is out.:)

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I was searching to helping you for a theme:





I wish its good :)

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I was searching to helping you for a theme:





I wish its good :)


It themes this song, theme songs are not recommended actually.

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- 18-02-19: The project is unpaused, now designers will design missions.

- 18-02-19: 6th and 7th mission are out!

Edited by Martin_Strada
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Thanks for your support. :^:

is there to be a mission in Los Santos or San Fierro in this series?



I don't know yet....

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  • 3 months later...

Chapter 2 is in progress, sorry for the bump, though. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Interesting... You could let her participate in the challenge I invented.

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  • 11 months later...
General Scrotum

Winner of the most-promising storyline - pinned for a week.



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  • 7 months later...

First mission of Chapter 2 is done, that means we started to design the storyline again! Chapter 2 will include 12 missions just like Chapter 1.

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Finally, a thrust to Chapter 2 had began...
However, Martin and I will be only involved in this storyline further as YasirRFL became inactive in DYOM as now.

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I just found out Yasir activity is just posting DB memes at the Instagram. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just to remind that the second mission of Chapter 2 finished, originally it was Martin to design the second one, but it was later switched to me.

So 10 more to go.

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I'll definitely play this storyline once the Chapter 2 is finished. Looks really promising to me. 


Good luck on designing, Eddy and Martin. YasirRFL is a good designer though, kinda sad he just left DYOM like that. 

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