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GTA Vice City requires directplay

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I decided to finally get GTA The Trilogy on steam during a sale, I tried to play GTA Vice City but every time I open the game it says the game requires at least directx 1.8 (even know I directx 12 comes with windows 10) to play the game and also says "An app on your PC requires the following feature Directplay. I looked at some articles online and they said to Control Panel > Programs and Feature > Turn Windows features on or off > Legacy Components > Direct Play, I did what they said but every time I try to do it the computer says that it needs to restart, so I restart the computer but after the computer restarts it gets unchecked and I'm back where I was again. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.


Edit: Just realized as soon as I restart my computer there is a error in notifications. The error code only shows sometimes this also happens on GTA SA and 3

Edited by *DERGaming

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Sounds like a load of sh*t to me. I'd check the steam forum for this game. See if there is a quick fix. If not get your money back from Steam.

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get silent patch

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get silent patch


Thank you this actually worked I've heard of Silents patch but I for some reason didn't think it would work, GTA 3 Vice City and San Andreas work now thank you.

Edited by *DERGaming

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