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PS4 Roleplay Looking for Civs and Law Enforcement DOJ PS4

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Hello and thank you for stopping by! The requirements for this community is you must be at least 17 years old, and you have to have some role play experience even a little. This server is going to be a unique and fun server to play on. We will have scheduled days to have our sessions on. Most likely Wednesday's and Sunday's around 1 pm central time. Make sure you read the rules and if you have put DOJ PS4 Rules anywhere in your application. You can add me on Discord @ shawnyshawnster#5888 with the application below filled out and have an interview, if you pass you will then be given the Discord server URL.

Real Name:


Experience: Yes or No (if no then do you know how to role-play)


Time Zone:

Reliable: Yes or No






Rule 1: Be Polite to everyone

Rule 2: You can not use mini maps you can turn them off in the game settings

Rule 3: No flight unless you earn the right

Rule 4: No random killing

Rule 5: No cop baiting

Rule 6: No weaponized Vehicle unless you are in the military

Rule 7: Absolutely no RPG or Miniguns

Rule 8: Do not always run from the police pull over as you would in real life

Rule 9: 17+ Only

Rule 10: Play Fair and for the most part play as you would act in real life, yes some characters might be gang bangers so there for play as a gang banger; Just follow the rules and dont be a dick.


Edited by shawnyshawnster

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I woupd like to join

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