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[PS4] GTA V U.S.A.F Crew Recruitment


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U.S.A.F (United States Armed Forces) GTAVO crew was created to maintain peace in every GTA V session we play,we protect los santos from try hards.


Not only do we protect,but we also offer to help escort players to do their deliveries for their supplies,products. We are a military crew that fights in land or air. We are mainly based on infantry and will only deploy air units if necessary. Each members will have specific role to have,you might also be get a special force role such as SFOD if you are good enough :D.


We are highly based on U.S. Military and NOT linked to the actual military. We consist of US Marines,Army,Air Force and even navy...specifically navy seals as there isn't really a way to have combat with boats.


Members not only get help from fellow members but also get an exclusive emblem to show everyone that you are part of the crew as well!


We do not engage random players unless we are engaged or they are finding troubles with others.. Established at Feb 2018,whether if we can have a peaceful los santos or not,it starts with you! Join us now and be part of the crew with military stuffs going on! This crew is also great for people who loves U.S. Military stuffs.


You don't have to be an American to join! All race/religions accepted. You just need to be able to speak English well and be very active. We are an anti tryhards crew . So to all tryhards killing with explosives, please dont cry here :D.


We are currently operating only with PS4 users,we may have future plans to expand it to PS3. All members are to have discord downloaded so that we can effectively communicate and play more tactically.


Our recruit video:


For more enquiries, please visit our facebook page,






Thank you :D


Note this is an invite only.

To be able to join,you will have to message via the fb page!


crew link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/us_armed_forces_team




-It pays to be a winner.- -U.S Navy Seals

Edited by JarheadTalker
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So you're apart of the LS Conventions as well? Glad to meet you. I'm from ASEC, a Xbox One based crew who is apart of the LS Conventions, we have our Rules of Engagement as well. Hope you become a bigger crew :)

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Hi there.


Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



Hi , i apologize. i have forgotten to do so after typing a long paragraph hahah, will do it now

So you're apart of the LS Conventions as well? Glad to meet you. I'm from ASEC, a Xbox One based crew who is apart of the LS Conventions, we have our Rules of Engagement as well. Hope you become a bigger crew :)

Hope your crew is donig well too! God bless you

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