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Start to Credits Only Using 9mm (impossible, atm)

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After someone mentioned that he is doing this, I was curious how far I could push it, here are my results.


Knowledge about onmission manipulation is useful but IIRC not mandatory unless you want to skip missions. I have put problematic but skippable missions in [ square brackets ].



Burning Desire:

- This requires missiles or molotovs (todo: confirm in the code).

- Cannot be skipped since it is the first mission in the CRASH chain


I have not confirmed in-game that this is the relevant code. I just remember causing bike explosions behind the windows and nothing happening.


02EE: projectile_in_cube_cornerA [email protected]([email protected],5f) [email protected]([email protected],5f) [email protected]([email protected],5f) cornerB [email protected]([email protected],5f) [email protected]([email protected],5f) [email protected]([email protected],5f)

Returns true if the projectile is in the specified area.


Against All Odds:

- You need to cause explosions. I doubt you can get a car or bike in there, I don't know of other sources of explosions.



1309389 10837`       if( 0356: explosion_type 0 in_cube_cornerA 820.3084 -1.6925 1003.278 cornerB 828.8 4.7199 1008.079 ) {
So explosion type 0 is required: "grenade explosion". Car explosions are type 4. Source


- Cannot be skipped: I don't know of a way to dupe Catalina missions (without crashing at the end).




- Can be skipped by duping Highjack

I cannot imagine that this is doable.




Maybe possible


Just Business:

- Can be skipped by duping Wrong Side of the Tracks

- Perhaps it can be beaten with that trick that allows you to drive the BF yourself - I have never done it



Reuniting The Families:

- Cannot be skipped because it is the first mission in the LA1FIN mission chain

- You can leave the car, perhaps you have to starve for this?

- Can you teleport to a tuning shop?





Los Santos

Madd Dogg's Rhymes: You can run past them all.

Grey Imports: If you stand outside the office, you can shoot him without triggering him.


Badlands/San Fierro

Are You Going to San Fierro: Get infinite time and use car explosions.


Jizzy: Kill the Stretch driver before they panic.


T-Bone Mendez: There is no need to kill the bikers, just get the packages.


Ice Cold Killa: Damage his car heavily before paying him a visit (and pop the tires if you want).


Pier 69:


Shooting Ryder's boat in the chase a bunch is easy.


Toreno's Last Flight:

Shooting the heli a bunch is easy.


The Da Nang Thang:

- Shooting them with the minigun is optional

- You can switch from the katana to the 9mm


Desert/Las Venturas


- Can be skipped by duping both Verdant Meadows and Learning to Fly.

- Getting the parachute is optional if you start the mission with one and finish the mission as described next. You can get it in this mission, if you want.

- You need to crouch, shoot the plane and then roll out to avoid using the satchel charge


You've Had Your Chips:

You can shoot the machines with the 9mm


Intensive Care:

- You can just shoot them before they even care about you

- The car that does not move after crashing into the first ambulance is the one with the mafia


High Noon:

Turn him in the other direction than

, 135° or so.


Green Goo:

Standing in front of a vending machine (no need to use it) lets you leave the jetpack. Vending machine map


Return to Los Santos

A Home in the Hills:

Probably requires spinning him out. Another way might be to gain control in the cs using a call and jacking him. I don't know whether the doors are locked.


Vertical Bird:

You can use the 9mm on the boats, using the Hydra missiles is optional.

Edited by Patrick1994

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Reuniting The Families:

- You can leave the car, perhaps you have to starve for this?

- Can you teleport to a tuning shop?


This is possible, but might require some luck. You change the OM state to 0 during the mission, and before getting to the Greenwood to start the railshooting, reduce your health enough so that a punch from the biker cop who is scripted to jump on the trunk can kill you. You'll then get teleported to the hospital, away from the Greenwood. Maybe the hostile cops will be deleted due to being too far away, so the Greenwood won't get destroyed by the time it reaches the billboard, but I'm not sure if this has the chance to cause any crashes.


EDIT: False alarm. The game crashes if you get wasted before the second cop who jumps on the back. And even then, the attacking cops do not disappear after getting teleported away.

Edited by RationalPsycho

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