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Looking for drivers for championship


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Hello everyone!

If you guys are ever interested in doing any real racing in GTA 5 similar to that in Motorsports, I will tell you, it is possible!

In terms of organization, if you join Sweat Buckets [YEAH] (GUN1T123’s crew) or Nonchalant Dominance [NoDo] (Broughy1322’s crew), you can see that all these races are very well organized. These 2 guys and the crew members usually run endurance races in GTA 5 which can last 30mins to 1.5 hours. These races are organized well before the event and preparation involves starting grids, set vehicles and other rules.

The main thing about these racing crews, Sweat Buckets [YEAH], Nonchalant Dominance [NODO] and Apex Predators [APEX] is that they race with rules that would normally apply in regular Motorsport. Things like the blue flag, safety cars, starting grid, formation laps and even pit stops can all be incorporated. These guys race with respect, meaning no intentional crashing of another player or using weapons to disrupt a person’s race.

Now you guys may think these guys are taking it a little too seriously for a game like GTA 5, but the best thing about GTA Racing is the unlimited track variation. As they define it, it is like minecraft, a sandbox for tracks.

My goal is finding players to race in new championship powerew by GrandRacingLeague. Debut international season of Multi-class races will be with !!!Real Money!!! prize after ending of season. We are going to run system of licience like it realised in SimRacingClub after 1 season. It's some kind of sorting drivers between each other. Let everybody race against players on the same skill-level.

Finally, if you interesting in this, or just want to see it, just let me know, I will contact with you. Cheers, Grand Racing League !

Edited by CarloMagazoni
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