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Parents blaming video games for kids' behaviors

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Not sure if this topic was done before, but back then and even to this day, there have been parents criticizing video games for the way children act, and honestly, it has gotten extremely irritable. Okay, first of all, the games have mature ratings that actually warn buyers what the age range for the games are for. That means that in order to actually buy the games, the clerks always ask for ID and as we all know, children have no ID, and even if they did, they'd still be denied to buy the game due to their obvious age. So it's the parents (aka the ones who blame M rated games on children's behavior) who buy the games for them. Secondly, it's the parents' responsibility to teach their children the difference between fiction and reality. So really, they or any other adult can't blame M rated games on how children act because it's their own fault for letting them play the games. I'm not saying ALL children are like that obviously, but the ones who behave that way is the fault of their parents, not the games.

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Lock n' Stock

If you aren't monitoring what your kid's are playing/watching, or at least teaching them the difference between fiction and reality like you said, then you're more or less failing your job as a parent. I had played GTA games in sizeable doses during my younger years but my parents never allowed me to actually own one of them until I was at least 14/15, and even then they were sceptical about it.


But hey, I've never had the urge to rob, kill or steal from someone, so I guess I'm fine.

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Hmmmmmm . . . Me and violent video games were more of a gradual process.


I remember back in the day I'd watch my cousin play GTA 3 and SA. And sometimes, he'd let me play when he slept over.


My first violent video game? "Army Men: Sarge's War", Rated T of course, where you could blow off peoples limbs and blow holes into their plastic bodies with a shotgun... and melt people to death. Its a very depressing game when you look back at it.


...I was 8 or so, for the Gamecube. No video games during the week, only for weekends and holidays.


I think the goal is moderation. Through high school I wasn't allowed to play video games or extensively use the computer, although this was laxed sooner or later.


As long as the kid has maturity, his/her priorities straight, in terms of school and "behavior", then video games shouldn't be a problem. Especialllllllllly when used as a privilege, not a commodity.

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I believe that certain children with genuine mental disorders may be susceptible to violence in ANY MEDIUM however unlike what certain groups would say it's definitely only a minority of children who would be filled with the genuine urge to re-enact what they see in video games, movies etc.


A while back I saw a thread on this website about a father who let his ~10 year old daughter play GTA V but restricted her from doing certain things like going to the strip club. I think he's approach is extremely good in the long term, not letting his daughter do sh*t that's questionable while still letting her experience more full-on material so she doesn't grow up to be a sensitive moron. As long as children have context as to what they're seeing and being taught the difference between fiction and reality it's really not an issue imo. I've been playing GTA for longer than I can even remember yet I don't feel the overwhelming urge to go and murder someone or commit crime.


That being said however, I think xDatxJunkyx had a point. Moderation is key with anything growing up. Soft drink, junk food, TV, video games, the whole package. Parents who buy their sh*tty little brat child the next CoD game every year then go and complain about how violent it is fail at basic parenting in my eyes. You don't want to be to conservative as to what your kids see, but not to an extent in which they become desensitised.

Edited by RetroMystic

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I started getting into GTA when i was 6 i think. I didn't got agressive, and i didn't ever want to kill someone/steal a car etc.

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Femme Fatale

This discussion is soooo 90s - mid 00's.

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That's soccer moms for ya.

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What would one say if GTA was one of not many things holding someone alive when he was a teen?

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Lessee... 2 kids, 15 and 12, and me slightly over half a century old, all 3 of us play GTAO. None of us have shot up a school, beat up a school mate that didnt have it coming, stole a car (well, i have but that was way before video games even have guns or cars in them) or otherwise shown that we cannot distinguish between reality and video games.


So yeah, I blame the parents AND society. It takes a village to raise an idiot and all that.

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