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Why is Tommy the greatest protagonist?

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I love Vice City and everything it has to offer its my favorite GTA game, but something i'll never understand is why do people love Tommy so much? And is he really the greatest protagonist?

-I like Tommy he seems like a nice criminal and unlike Claude he isn't fully psycho.

-But he also has some bad things like, he bought a strip club and a movie company just so he can take over the town...

-As Lance Addressed he didn't really care about anyone who's working with him.

-Ready to do a heist but gets the worst f*cking driver in the world.

-Takes no prisoners.

-Gets in a building with a RC Helicopter just to destroy it. (when he could've basically just get in shoot everyone and then just place the bombs and blow it up)


In my opinion he is a great character (my favorite) but im just pointing out some of the dumb thing he did


Also if a topic like this exists then please lock this one

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Claude isn't psycho either

He took over the town to pay back Sonny, and why wouldn't he?

He cares as much about people who work with him as Claude does

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I like him for the fact that he managed to make something of himself after getting out of prison. He was set up by his own boss to take the fall for a hit, spent 15 years in jaii and try to do a drug deal. It goes sour so he works his way up, meets Lance, kills the main crime boss in Vice City and pissing off his old boss. He was sick of doing things for other people, so he became his own boss and gets rid of Lance who betrayed him and Sonny who screwed him up.

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El Penguin Bobo

Cuz he's f*ckin BADASS! lol. Seriously though, the reason why he's the greatest protagonist, (imo), it's because he is the first speaking protagonist in the GTA series. He was also voiced by Ray Liotta, which is a really popular actor played in a really popular movie. He also wasn't a pussy like CJ.

Edited by xXPinguXx
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He was a well-written character (well, for a 2002 game) with very good voice acting. Simple as that.

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Lock n' Stock

Probably my favourite protagonist next to Niko. Tough-as-nails, no-nonsense guy who takes no sh*t off anyone, but also has a human side to him.

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