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What san andreas mods should I get?


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I want to replay Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but with mods to make the singleplayer more interesting. Any recommendations?

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Well...what mods do you want in your game? Give us any ideas and we might help out.


Edit: Just read OP's post and yeah...I'm pretty dumb since it says it right there lmao

Edited by Cr0w
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get the op weapons so the game is more challenging trust me you will struggle with Just Business and Reuniting The Families

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Super Shizuku

Try San Andreas 2.0, dude. It features some changes that should have been done for the original game. Like the supposed behaviors of every gangs in the game.


You might also want critical health cleo script to make stealth missions more challenging.

Edited by Light Syde Riandy
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Shogun Pacino

Widescreen fix


Open Limit Adjuster

Zeti's Advanced Car control

sprint with heavy weapons

Edited by CoolMods
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Snow San Andreas 2011 HQ. There are multiple versions of it, I think the best version is either ~700 or ~1400 mb - if it has tacky streetracing cars, then it's a wrong version. The correct one will have light blue splashscreen with credits and fitting vehicles.


Don't get SAMP version, I have no idea if it's any good.


It is literally amazing.



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You can use some of the below mods to get optimum performance issues and slight fixes in-game to make it better.

  • SilentPatch
  • WidescreenFix
  • fastman's Limit adjuster (For changing in-game limits and adding stuff like extra vehicles, map objects etc)
  • SkyGFX (requires ASI Loader)


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Here's list of my favorites:

1.Fastman92 limit Adjuster

2.Sky Gfx

3.Mix Sets

4.Silent Patch

5.Cheat Menu

and some hd mods for at least some standrad gameplay.

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Use this - patch and install all mods but multiplayers. + i can recommend Ragdoll physics, imfx, ps2 parked cars, Improved Vehicles Features, SA map fixes, MixSets, HD weapons Insanity. You will be pleased.

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