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[Idea share] Mods that would Improve GTA IV

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This is a thread for people to post Ideas for mods that would improve GTA IV's experience as a whole.


- Purchasable Safe Houses from Chinatown Wars


- A working ammunation site to buy weapons from


- A working car dealership/site to purchase vehicles from


- Garages to store cars



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A mod that improves GTA 4 would be a good idea.

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Nice!Hope someone makes this idea into being.

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There are some gun stores in the game, but they're small and not Ammunation.

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First of all, Niko is an illegal immigrant that has not one legal right to purchase no real estate nor vehicles
The story justifies these incoherencies so in terms of a game that's like a rule you have to cope with
although that would be nice to have aside of any storyline speaking only of the engine provided
Other way around you can do all this stuff in GTA Online 
Secondly, parking lots are pretty convenient as you are not supposed to have that much cars to not, for example, bring up any attention 
but that is all what drives a story guidelines once again

To support these ideas you might want to get rid of the story, experience a perspective of a new character etc ah wouldn't that be nice except take-two gave us two dlc we could enjoy along with so many improvements
Next step is to develop new stories as a community
Such a shame there's basically nothing going on right now in terms of global modding of such a great game due to maybe its obsolescence, or too much effort consuming modding
Still, makes you wanna really come up with something, eh?

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About the thermal vision:


At particular weather settings and during certain hours of the ingame clock my graphics card glitches out, probably because it can't handle certain shaders. Eventhough it's no real thermal vision I think it looks rather cool:


Thermal Vision Graphics Glitch

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I would like anything that involves more side missions. Specially recreating the drug activity seen on Chinatown Wars.


And also, a Design Your Own Mission for GTA IV would be great!

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