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your angriness level when playing gta online

your fluffy angriness level  

138 members have voted

  1. 1. how angry do you get?

    • i don't get angry. i'm friends with dalai lama
    • i don't get angry. i get annoyed tho, but it's all cool. game is more fun than anger
    • i do get angry in situations. but it doesn't last long. its the heat of the battle. never personal.
    • i do get angry and its better to turn the console off, so i'm not frustrated for the whole day
    • i do get angry and begin to text nasty messages and it can get personal
    • i get very angry and i've smashed a controller or two already
    • i get very angry and sometimes i can't sleep the next night
    • i get so angry that i wish i knew who they were, where they live and wish them bad!!!
    • i don't play gta online anymore. i'm on the hunt for the real players in the real world!!!! hihihi just joking!
    • other (tell us!)

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When I find myself not enjoying the game as I would normally I'll take a miniature break and play something else.


I then return to GTAO rejuvinated, happily and eagerly awaiting all the bullsh!t therein.


Sometimes I'm very friendly, other times I'll roll the dice and start working my way through the player's list, violently.


Keeps it fresh for everyone!

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No Use For A Name

I try to keep my anger as close to zero as possible. Its a video game for chrissake, its supposed to be enjoyable. Ill leave anger to real life issues


-I only sell in solo sessions


-I dont engage with tryhard dipsh*ts


-I usually stay in passive unless Im in a session with friends


-I have everyone muted


-Im usually high when I play

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^ Everything Coninefan said except for the high part.


Well, sometimes maybe an Excedrin high, lol.

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I never get angry about other players. In the worst case they bore me. However, I can transform into a raging gorilla because of my own gameplay. Hotlapping long tracks and crashing in the first (or last) corner = :facedesk: Hitting the last lamppost before arriving at the vehicle warehouse = :panic: Needlessly crashing the aircraft while stealing supplies from the altruist = :sui:


Sometimes I also get angry when the game is trolling me. Like getting a phonecall from the assistant that I can collect a special item while being in an invite only lobby.

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Dr WGA Labriskagni

Don't get mad, get even...



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Don't get mad, get even...



on that i can agree, send strike teams at them and laugh like joker

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Happy Hunter

The explosive shotgun's not bad for taking out my anger on traffic.





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