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The Task Group - Calling all aspiring killers and cutthroats.

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The Task Group is recruiting. So what is the Task Group?


The Task Group is an elite military SOF-themed crew that exists for one sole purpose - total dominance of the 21st Century battlespace that is the state of San Andreas. We operate on Xbox One. Our members also enjoy the Battlefield games and a bit of TCs Ghost Recon Wildlands on occasion.


Crewed by ruthless cutthroats schooled in all the arts of modern warfare, we expect absolute loyalty from our members. In return for loyal service, The Task Group will support its operators in their personal business ventures, allowing them to raise their game to new levels.


We are a GTA SOF/Mercenary-themed Crew without the usual Milsim BS. We endeavour to adapt real world tactics, techniques and procedures to the world of GTA Online. We seek to apply a warrior mindset coupled with controlled aggression to carry out our operations across the state.


So what might these operations consist of? Let me break it down in to the key areas:


Resource Acquisition and Procurement


Exactly what it says on the tin. As a Private Military Company, The Task Group needs funds and equipment to survive. As such, much time will be dedicated to acquiring those resources. We aim to elevate each of our carefully selected members, and as such we will operate a franchise system in which we will rotate support between businesses to make sure everybody gets paid.


Defensive Operations and Aid to Local Businesses


On occasion, The Task Group may be called upon to conduct military operations to quell violence or respond to threats within the State of San Andreas. Although not officially sanctioned by any government, recently Corporate has begun to invest time and effort in to building relationships with key local power brokers. We seek to leverage these relationships in future to expand our sphere of influence in the region.


You may find yourself outsourced to provide security to various organisations without our Area of Operations. You will always be well led, well resourced and well supported.


We are a classless Crew, in that we accept people from all walks of life. But we are not rankless. There is a clear chain of command to support you throughout your tenure with us.


Military Training


We seek to constantly improve our operational capabilities and as such, regular training will take place to ensure we maintain a razor-sharp edge.


As The Task Groups Leader, I personally have many years of military experience in a combat role, and we welcome members with a keen interest in military tactics, techniques and procedures. Prior service is NOT in any way a requirement, and we would welcome both Veterans and the enthusiastic amateur who is willing to learn.


Training can include, but is in no way limited to:


Advanced Weapons Training

Small Unit Tactics

Vehicle Mobility Operations

Offensive and Defensive Driving Techniques

Close Protection Training

Advanced Close Quarters Battle

Air/Land Coordination

Maritime Operations

Intelligence Gathering

Surveillance and Target Acquisition

Reconnaissance Techniques



Counterterrorism brings us to our next major operational capability. In this day and age of rapidly escalating threats, sometimes the appointed authorities simply cant react quickly enough to counter organised criminal and terrorist organisations. We seek to preserve life, wherever possible, by providing a timely and decisive (and should it ever be necessary a preemptive) response to such threats.


As such, we are developing a Counterterrorist Quick Reaction Force (CTQRF) capability to target those who seek nothing more than to inflict violence upon the innocent businessmen and women of San Andreas as they go about their lives trying to survive ;).




We are looking for candidates who are able to function tactically in high threat, free flow environments. We need men and women who are able to think on their feet, assess the situation, adapt, improvise and overcome all threats and obstacles. We seek the best.


We will always endeavour to conduct intelligence-led operations. We will always be meticulous in the details and planning of those operations.


Most importantly, we will develop and maintain the skills and discipline necessary to live up to our motto:


Strike from the shadows, own the night


If you think you have what it takes to serve in our crew, drop us a line. Well be watching.


Strike from the shadows, own the night! F3EA.


The interested candidate should include the following details in any request for further information:




Country and Timezone:

Any prior military experience:

Any prior Milsim experience:

Reason for interest:

Skill set:

Net worth in GTA$ and salary expectations:

Prior or existing crew affiliations:


We look forward to hearing from you.



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Gamertag: WhiteRoxas XIII
Age: 24
Country and Timezone: UK GMT
Any prior military experience: None
Any prior Milsim experience: Milsim Roleplay which was a cluster of sh*t xD
Reason for interest: Fancy a change from roleplay
Skill set: Getaway Driver, Pistol sharp shooter, Sniper, shock and awe tactics, Strategist.
Net worth in GTA$ and salary expectations: $17 Mil area. I have no idea what you mean by salary expectations.
Prior or existing crew affiliations:
Existing: Santos Six Roleplay Crew.
Prior: Novan Empire Milsim Roleplay, 1st Impact Airforce (Paratrooper), Crime Corporation Roleplay.

Edited by DatCoolCollie

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Gamertag: morgangoon

Age: 16

Country and Timezone: United States. New York time

Any prior military experience: Was in a Special Forces crew shortly.

Any prior Milsim experience: Not really.

Reason for interest: Looking for a good first time MilSim experience

Skill set: I am a good driver, pilot, and a very good soldier. I am very good with rifles, and very good at rather unconventional warfare.

Net worth in GTA$ and salary expectations: My total amount of money acquired over time is $12.8 million. I am expecting maybe $50k for my work.

Prior or existing crew affiliations: Ironheads MC.

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