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Restoring Broker Safehouse - slight help needed

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Hello everyone,

I've always wanted to restore the Broker Safehouse that gets destroyed in Roman's Sorrow, and have been seeking how to accomplish this. I managed to restore collision, models, and meshes for both the Cab Depot and Roman's Apartment. I did this by editing the collision dictionaries and drawable objects in the east_xr.img files found in pc/data/maps/east/ folder.

Specifically, I edited the following files..

Broker Safehouse
rt4_she_fire_ksun.wdr (burned home with collisions)

rt4_she_ksun.wdr (intact home with collisions)

Cab Deport
rh5aburnt_ksun.wdr (burned depot with collisions)
rh5a_ksun.wdr (intact depot with collisions)

By copying the the intact meshes and renaming them as their burned counterparts,as well as doing the same in the east_xr.wbd collision data file, I fully restored the cab depot, and fully restored the apartment. This also solved the invisible collision details in the apartment, making it fully explorable again. However, I have run into a bit of a snag.

1.) LOD files for the Depot and Safehouse still show up as damaged from afar.
2.) The door to the broker safehouse is a static object, and I can't figure out how to add collision back to it.
3.) I do not know how to restore the save, clothing, and safehouse icon to the broker safehouse.

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on how I could accomplish these last 3 steps?

Thanks for reading,

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