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Custom V Update/Mod Idea

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So I always see people giving a lot of ideas for Online updates and DLC (I know because I have as well, I love coming up with ideas for this game), however I though it was time story mode got some love again. Now I'm pretty sure no single player add on is ever coming for GTAV at this point, but I always think its fun to create new ideas, and who knows maybe some talented modders out there could be inspired.

Anyway what follows is an idea to add post game content to Micheal, Franklin and Trevor (as well as some other minor things). The only restrictions I set myself was only using content and models already in the game, either V or Online, and designing nothing that needs new voice acting or motion capture. This will be a long post following this introduction but I always appreciate feed back on my ideas, and maybe people could tell me how realistic creating something like this would be and if its something you would like to see in game.


In a spoiler and Google Drive to save space.





Trevor Philips Industries:

After completing the Merrywether Heist Trevor will receive a new text from Cook saying their Sandy Shores meth lab is back in operation after the Azteca attack. He also mentions that other old, abandoned buildings around Southern San Andreas would make great places to set up new businesses to advance TPI.

After this several new properties will become available for purchase: Weed Farms, Meth Labs, Coke Lockups, Cash Counterfeiting Factories and Document Forging Offices (re-using the interiors from the Online Bikers DLC). Similar to their Online counterparts once purchasing the building Trevor must pay a set up cost to hire staff. Once this is done work will begin on creating product for TPI. Unlike Online however Trevor does not need to constantly re-supply his businesses, they will keep producing product as long as they remain intact and have space to store merchandise. Businesses can be upgraded in certain ways. Upgrading equipment and staff will speed up production and security upgrades will help reduce enemy attacks.

Trevor can sell his product straight from the laptop inside each business. Choosing Quick Sale will instantly move all product and give Trevor the cash for the sale. Choosing Major Sale will require some work. Like in Online Trevor must now move a vehicle to a buyer to receive payment, but be aware, rivals and the law will attempt to stop your exploits. For your hard work however Trevor will receive a 50% bonus to his earnings from the sale.

Sometimes TPI businesses will come under attack from rivals or the police. These come in two forms, raids and burnouts. Raids will steal some of your product (or all depending on how long you take to respond). You must then kill all attackers and recover your stuff. Burnouts will have enemies attempting to destroy your business and stock. Leave the attack to long and the property will shut down, requiring a repair fee and a second set up cost to get it back up and running again.

Combining all 16 businesses that Trevor can purchase with the Grapeseed smuggling missions turns TPI into a criminal empire spanning all of Southern San Andreas, and will bring in huge amounts of cash.


Franklins Car Ring:

After the mission I Fought the Law… Franklin can purchase a Vehicle Warehouse in East Los Santos (re-using the Online Import/Export DLC interior). Franklin can store up to 60 vehicles inside the warehouse.

Using the laptop inside will give Franklin several options. Using check out will allow Frank to choose one of his stored vehicles to take out of the warehouse to use on the streets. Choosing chop shop will allow a vehicle to be chosen to be broken down for parts granting and immediate cash payment depending on how expensive the car chopped was. Choosing Sale will act the same was as in GTAO, spawning Franklin in a stored vehicle of his choice and directing him to transport the wheels to a buyer. Finally Franklin can choose Bulk Sale. This will prompt for six vehicles to be chosen for sale. Once done all six will be placed on a Packer trailer outside and the vehicles must be delivered to a buyer. Moving so many hot cars will attract a lot of attention so beware. However the payout for successfully delivering all six vehicles will net Franklin the biggest cash payout in game outside of heists or the stock market.

The Vehicle Warehouse will not come under enemy attack itself, but enemies may attack you on route to deliveries, so try to keep the car in good condition to receive the best payment.

The last option on the laptop is something very special, Eyefind-maps.exe. Using this will open up an Eyefind road map of Southern San Andreas that will allow Franklin to place markers and checkpoints to create up to five custom street, sea or off-road races. Design the course, set the number of racers and choose vehicle class, then head out to compete. After creating a custom race Trevor, Hao and Lamar will receive a new option under their contact on Franks phone, “invite to race”. Choosing this will have the character show up to the chosen race and compete against Franklin in a car of the correct class.


Note: Franklin can also purchase the Online Del Pero Apartment 20 with its ten car garage for a more showroom esque car collection.


Michael’s Office:

After completing the story Michael can purchase an Office in the Arcadius Business Center (using the clean Online CEO Office interior). Unlike with Trevor and Franklin, Michael has virtually nothing to do in his office. Being retired again he wants to focus on his new producing carer with Solomon. As such purchasing the office will simply grant Michael a 200% bonus to all business properties he owns (cinemas etc.).



These three options are designed to cater to different kinds of players. Trevor is meant to cater to players who want to build a sprawling criminal empire much like in Vice City Stories. Franklin is for those who love cars and racing. Then Michael is for those players who simply want to relax and enjoy the world of GTA somewhat peacefully.


Other Changes:

.Added the Aircraft Carrier to the map with several vehicle spawns on deck.

.Added the Yacht from Daddy Little Girl to the map.

.Opened several building interiors (life invader, foundry etc).

.Added map markers for all convenience stores to story mode.

.Added all Online exclusive weapons to Ammu-Nation.

.Added Benny’s Original Motorworks (and website) to story mode.


See some more on the map bellow:






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