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Wild Tigers MC Recruiting now (ps4)


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Wild Tigers MC is now recruiting the best PS4 GTA Online players.



Paleto Bay is our mother chapter, with some of the best UK/Europe based GTA players. Led by Pres Delboy, the crew have fun, make money and take over public lobbies. We're around 10 members at the moment and with leadership positions filled, we're mainly looking for Prospects to join and become Patched Members.


Prospects should be 18+, from the UK/Europe, active, mature and into the MC lifestyle. Preference will be given to those who already have experience in MC crews.






Grapeseed is our US chapter, led by Pres Grumpy. The crew is currently small, and they join Paleto and Sandy Shores in sessions but as this charter grows it will allow US-based players who can't play UK times to have the same brotherhood that our Paleto Bay chapter. We're looking for Prospects in larger numbers than Paleto so we can grow the chapter. We need leadership positions filled, so Prospect time should be quite quick if you're a decent and active player.


Prospects should be 18+, from anywhere in USA/Canada, active, mature and into the MC lifestyle. Preference will be given to those who already have experience in MC crews.





Sandy Shores is our all-female chapter, led by Pres Miss Tofu. The crew is a safe place for female GTA players to play and have fun without being judged or harassed by guys. Currently playing alongside both Paleto and Grapseed chapters to make money and have fun in public lobbies. Some leadership positions to be filled.


Prospects should be 18+, female only, from anywhere in the world (but it would help if you can play UK/US timezones), active, mature and into the MC lifestyle. Preference will be given to those who already have experience in MC crews but this is not essential.

Want to join us?




1) WTMC Prospect Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wild_tiger_prospect

2) WTMC Prospect Discord Channel - https://discord.gg/DH7hHjX



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