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anyone still playing this old one?

ha! ha! ha!

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Yep :) I remember how much this game impressed me as a kid - the huge leap from GTA2 to the 3D open world. Now, I am playing it again and I am just as impressed.

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Once I get a new PS2 I'll start. Playing it on the PC doesn't have the same old charm.

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I'm gonna pick it up for the PS2 this year eventually. I do remember finding the aiming to be a pain in the ass though.

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Playing it on the PC doesn't have the same old charm.

True. I still playing it on PS2 and PC though.
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Playing it now for the PS2 and it has a different feeling. The fog is more intense and the whole city feels a little bit worse, but not in a bad way. Just been f*cking around doing side stuff like stunt jumps and being cab driving yokel.

Edited by Mr_Rager
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I completed it the other week actually.


I enjoy it as an arcade-y game but nothing more than that these days. Naturally it doesn't hit me as hard as it did when I first played it and in saying that everything just feels kind of stale. It's not a bad game by any stretch but there are other games I'd rather play, even from 2001.

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I play it occasionally, more than V but less than SA. I also play it on the iPhone.

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Old school gameplay is fun. It has got everything you need for simplicity. No worry about features or customizing your cars and so on. Kind of makes you think, that gameplay is all it really matters.


You can actually "feel the mess and the trouble" you cause when it happens and thats what makes GTA III great.





Edited by Coops95
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GTA 3 was the 2nd GTA I played. After having played with VC for 3 years, one day I was in a video store scrolling around PS2 2nd hand games. I didn't even know that GTA had more videogames and when I saw 3 there for 0,99 euros (hell euro symbol doesen't work there and that's about 1,20$ more or less), I didn't hesitate and took it, for that price... And it fullfilled my expectations for sure. Nowadays still play it because it's a simple but you easily immerse in it, open world concept and freedom that you are given are perfect to make the game valuable.

Edited by GTA_CAT
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I still play it every once in a while. :) A lot of people on this subforum (including myself) play the Chain Game quite frequently.

San Andreas Countryside
Meet the GTA 3 players who've spent a decade playing pass-the-pad to 100% the game - GamesRadar

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GTA3 Save Editor  - Big update in the works!


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Nope. My old copy bit the dust. I've decided to just end the whole gaming thing. I'm going to sell off my old ps2 games and the console. (But, not the controllers. Those belong to a friend I need to give them back.)

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GTA Plus Enjoyer

Downloaded it on PC for fun, and it was pretty fun. :D

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