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Agreement of the Wise

Recommended Posts


-3rd Eye Covenant-


I am looking for hardcore and social gamers. That are always down to game, and up for supply runs/sells, heists, missions, session PvP, races, and session goofing.


This is to be a new competitive crew, of highly trained badasses that Chase the big Doe!


Future events such as; races, car(motorcycles) shows, car crushing cruises and brawls will be scheduled.


As a crew, we should bond, and have fun with the game. Completing challenges is always our aim, so we never back down.


Did I hear Criminal Mastermind Challenge?yea, Challenge Accepted.


The crew is fairly new, with currently just a few members and room for more.


-Covenant Laws-


Agree as one; it is critical that the crew can be able to agree as one, and communicate as one. No interrupting, throwing tantrums, etc.


Fight as one; have each others backs, and fight as a team tactically, in heist, and in freeroam.


Crewmates are not to be killed; by each other nor other players.


Supplies must be treated with delicacy.




Must have mic or intend to purchase one. Will give 30days (noob probationary period) to purchase one. may request for additional time, but will not be guaranteed.


In order to apply, please request an invite on our Social Club page(3rd Eye Covenant).

Then, to verify your identity, please make a post down below and consisting, filled by the following:




Age -


Xbox Live Gamertag -


Social Club Username -


Do you have a mic? -


Time Zone-


What skills do you have that are of interest?


GTA rank? -


How often do you play GTA Online? -


What times and days of the week do you play?-


Are you a roleplayer?-


Do you enjoy to grief players in your session?-


How do you feel about grieving players?-


Do you own any businesses?


If accepted you will be invited to our discord, and given further information.



Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric

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