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Import/export public or solo


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I plan on buying the 1.5 million I/E warehouse to get started may switch to La Puerta later once I can. Would you suggest doing sourcing/selling in low population lobbies to avoid npc's or public solo session and only deal with npc's? I do like some risk and wont cry if im not always successful but im also not a big fan of doing the impossible, any help is appreciated.

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You'll lose a lot of money in the trade, so save and buy La Puerta instead. The cheap warehouse is a bomb magnet in populated sessions. As for solo vs busy, it's entirely up to you. It does get repetitive having to stop and deal with NPCs every time, and you don't get any bonuses if there aren't other players about. As long as there aren't any obvious griefers, it's relatively easy to drive fast cars point to point in a public lobby, and the financial risk is lower compared to crates. It's definitely not impossible, and can be fun.

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I would also suggest saving up for La Puerta.


I do my vehicle import/export in public lobbies most of the time with random players as it helps as if you have other players you don't get

any enemy AI chasing after you when you do car sales and it can be fun having the lobby chase after you sometimes.


Have a look at Youtube video's, they might give you more of an idea what to expect when doing car sales/collections in public lobbies.

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Don't buy it if you want to move later on, you have to sell all your cars before you can trade it in for a different warehouse.


The best option imo is source and sell in a solo session with a personal Cargobob to avoid NPC and dmg.

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The cheapest warehouse is a nightmare for attacks by other players, far too many hiding spots for sniping the driver to steal the car


I have the warehouse behind LSC near LSIA, and use the cargobob, you can land 3 or 4 cargobobs there if you have friends to help you sell


If selling in solo public lobbies, use the cargobob, gain altitude before moving forwards, the npc attackers do not turn up

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I've not seen bonuses in vehicle i/e.


I agree with using a bob. Sourcing with Bob will still get NPCs on you UT not selling if you get high enough.


Lightly populated lobbies are fun but not too risky.

Edited by FukNRekd
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BTW you can also start exporting in public lobby and once out of warehouse lag out, with this you don't get attacking npc.

Edited by ksk575
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^^ This, but I've been kicked while using the NAT test (3 times in the last week or so on 2 different accounts) so I only do it before I start missions, not while already in them.


Also, most times when I NAT then try to get back into public lobbies it just hangs so I have to restart xbox.

Edited by FukNRekd
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Im probably going to take the advice and just save for La Puerta, for some reason everytime I steal a cargobob and practice lifting cars the car drops mid air and gets wrecked so im probably going to give low population lobbies a first shot and drive them rather than fly.

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When does it drop the car?

I'm pretty sure it was patched in 2017.... unless it was unpatched recently for some reason.

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The car drops while im flying randomly, im not sure what im doing wrong most times it doesnt even happen. I read afterwards it was a glitch and not my fault so now i u derstand what u mean patched so i must be doing something wrong, more practice tonight.

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Maybe you could consider the Elysian Island vehicle warehouse, it's much cheaper than La Puerta and on a quiet, not populated spot on the map.


If you use the railway-bridge to get there it's not that of a long drive you'll be expecting. I've got my cocaïne business also on Elysian Island so it's easy to check upon it while doing IE. There are more biker businesses nearby and also some crate warehouses.


If you're sourcing and exporting the railway and his tunnels provide some protection against griefers or enemy-npc's and you also avoid damage from other traffic driving in panic.


If you don't own a cargobob, you can steal the cargobob at the Merryweather HQ dock which is really close near this vehicle warehouse and that's also the spot where the nearest Pegasus spawn is. If you also got a hangar and you call in your personal cargobob while standing in front of the warehouse, it spawns literally a few feet from the warehouse.

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