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Weekly Interviews #41


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This week's guest is the popular C9 Member and recently appointed Gaming section ledby, @Daz. Once again, we would like to congratulate him on his promotion.

Arrow: You've been on the forums for almost 17 years now. What brought you to GTAForums?
Daz: Originally it was obvious, GTA3, back when it was a game I owned before the PS2 console. I would sit and look at the box, the map and the manual over and over until I could get my hands on the console. It then became more frequent upon the imminent release of Vice City. I lost my original account and came back under a new name just for GTA related posts. It wasn't really until 2003 that I once bailed out on a date with 2 females set for pleasantries in the center of town. Due to tomato soup based food poisoning or what I later understood as the symptoms of being the overwhelming realization of the disgust of spending real time with other humans, I got bored and thought "what the hell is this public gang chat thing" and soon joined the Hoodiez, the probationary group of $$H. Back when it was hot sh*t with OBrien97, Raindancer and Knightmare leading and MmMs and Akrya as Hoodiez leaders. It all spiraled out of control from there.

What inspired you to create your username?
Well a previous name was an announced vehicle in Vice City, my current name is the result of around 2004 where staff actually would allow someone to have their name changed by request if they deemed it sensible under very tight circumstances. Generally just removing characters and digits from names, and at that point everyone already knew me as Daz so it made much more sense to switch to that and euthanize the previous member clogging up it's spot. Back in the day you had to create new accounts to have a name change so I was quite lucky to get a full name change. Now you can change it all the f*cking time which results in me not knowing who the f*ck you are. So I am sorry if I am friendly to you, I may actually hate you, or if I call you a festering mammoth's c*nt you probably don't deserve it. I would suggest picking a name and sticking with it. Daz stuck because back in the day I used washing powder of a means of interrogation and political assassination in my school days.

What's your favorite part about the forum community?
It really has nothing to do with GTA in the end. That is why you arrive here, but it is not why you stay. It really is just the gang sections, and this only includes Official Gang Alliance gangs that have gone through legit gang races. The PGC and the early days of GamesNet, Mikernet and Sysnode IRC channels devoted to the forum. Especially that time of year where the forum awards rolls round and I get to laugh at all the nublets that think it is a real poll.

Could you tell us about of the notable forum events from the early days?
There are obviously the long lasting classic tales of "The shooting of OBrien97" where OB claimed to have been shot 7 times through his car door and survived and is somehow in the hospital with a laptop somehow able to connect to the internet in 2003. The "Demarest getting arrested" incident which in summary we had footage of a bewildered clown being pulled over by the local authorities. Early forum pranks (This was almost the entire purpose of gangs back then and there was always secret back room pranks and shenanigans). On a more personal level, I always enjoyed the chats I had with Knightmare talking to Tank on MSN messenger, irritating the hell out of him calling him a robot and by our incessant inquiries into his bath salesman career goals. All our efforts resulted in "lol" replies only thus confirming the automation of his preferred method of contact and perhaps his whole persona. On the more recent side of things, though, the GunWrath & WBaker anomaly was always a hilariously fun time on the forum.

Which forum member(s) do you feel the closest to?
I would generally advise not getting close to anyone. The forum meet ups are a case and point. You run the risk of your girlfriend being banged by a Cantankerous Chauffeur, or have a lanky Scandinavian perform penis puppetry and up-close and personal goatse related gymnastics. But in terms of who I converse with in an off forum manner. The list is so large that I would not be able to name individuals. So it will just have to be summed up as those affiliated with Cyclop 9, Sysnode, Parcel Force, and those remaining that know who they are.[/size]

What's your most memorable moment on the forums?
It is very difficult to say, as I have already mentioned some in a previous question. Probably the early days in the Hoodiez, having to put in time and effort to be considered official gang material. It was that specific fork in the road, that black hole that consumed my consciousness that re-spawned my brain into the mass collective. Either that, or the time I got Tank to change "Public Gang Chat" to "Pubic Gang Chat", I can't decide.

How has this community changed since you first registered?
Of course. Just by the span of the years that have gone by, culture has already changed, therefore it has also on the forum. The early days were really purely about fun, pulling pranks, having a laugh at other peoples expenses. The community of the forum forcefully shaped the type of people they wanted to join them. It changes as the forum gets more popular, as games such as San Andreas and then GTA IV became mainstream to the point in which previous behavior patterns were no longer acceptable for a legit forum that requires ads to survive. That combined with the facebook generation, it kind of just kills off those wild west days of the internet. Mostly everyone that was cool has gone, and now it is more difficult and rare to find good people that wouldn't even consider taking a dump on Beyoncé's chest without checking if you are finished eating your dinner first.

If you were given Admin powers for a day, what would you do?
Nothing at all. But if I was forced to do something, I would make sure every sub forum had a pinned topic relating to the dangers of involving yourselves with the pigeon society and how to spot and combat splinter cells of imposter doves in your area.

Why do Cyclops have 9 years?
-.-- --- ..- / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . / .- -... ... --- .-. -... . -..

What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series?
If it counts, Max Payne, excluding the third one, and Thrasher Skate and Destroy.

Tell us more about the person behind the username. Any favorite hobbies, music, etc?
At the moment I have some important goals such as the following:

-Start smoking
-Quit smoking
-Finally figure out if it is the moon or the sun or what?
-Apply for a grant from the foreign office for 2 pence so I am able to acquire a once used monogram pantyliner in order to track my nemesis
-Learn how to P-Mail
-Quit drinking water
-Discover the origins of elephants and trains by subscribing to elephants and trains magazine (message me for more details)
-Escape the clutches of Scientologists.

Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?

As the co-founder of Biscuit Consultants Worldwide Ltd I would like to share with you our range of specialty recipies that will further help you in your quest for the best biscuit. Please do not use this advice outside of your country as other nations may take it as, and not limited to: Espionage, Slander, Hate Speech, Terrorism by poison, and incest.

Please find the below details of our range of approved products:

-Salty but nice

-Do you have a bloke's knob in yer gob? (Find out with this one)

-The Tangerine Ooze (Disclaimer: Not a true biscuit, will not be able to be used with telekinesis)

-The seaside alcoholic (2 part chocolate currency, 1 part sorrow)

For a full range please visit our website, however due to advertising constraints I am unable to link this, so please visit the Cyclop 9 topic below for further information.

By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen Biscuit Consultants Worldwide Ltd



- Interviewer

- Graphics Assistant

Edited by Arrow
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MmMs namedrop in the first paragraph. I approve.


Great interview, Needed more Parcel Force, A walnut whip and a dash of Cerbwang before simmering on a low heat for 22 minutes.


Daz is a true Gtaforums, legit legend.


Accept no imposters.

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To fully understand the textographic universe in unconventional space one must visit realms past their own acceptance and ability. One must out perform their own mental sarcophagus. Know when not to go down and when to get on top and get one's tool out. Only then will one understand what it means to be "official" and discover what is a true biscuit.

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To fully understand the textographic universe in unconventional space one must visit realms past their own acceptance and ability. One must out perform their own mental sarcophagus. Know when not to go down and when to get on top and get one's tool out. Only then will one understand what it means to be "official" and discover what is a true biscuit.



Great interview, probably one of my faves so far. Digging the selection of biscuits.

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The circle is closing what should you do?
Drink, Adjust your crotch, do you even have a clue?
Sit, Search, Hunt or Drive?
Have you even tasted Walkers Cheese & Chive?

Is it a hedge, a bush, or a shrub?

What if you are just a candy-ass jabroni scrub?
Are you sure this is really your most favorite hobby?
What if you go outside and have to wrestle Mr Blobby?

You will soon learn the ways of the plane

Sprinting into the blue do you think I am insane?
Kar98 at the window, should you peek?
This I believe is the fellow whom you seek.

Perplexed levity will be ignored.

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To fully understand the textographic universe in unconventional space one must visit realms past their own acceptance and ability. One must out perform their own mental sarcophagus. Know when not to go down and when to get on top and get one's tool out. Only then will one understand what it means to be "official" and discover what is a true biscuit.


custard cremes

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Oh and Daz, Max Payne 3 was great. Ass.

Never even made it to the second disc.

Teh onlyne was eppik tho

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What are Voodoos Llamas' favorite biscuits (if that's not classified information)?



Llamas prefer savory snacks.

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