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Is Rockstar still giving away cargobobs?

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I remember a while back, rockstar was giving away free cargobobs to those who logged on to the emails. Is this still happening, and if so, how do I do it?

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I did not even know that they ever did give them away but after reading your post I looked it up, It was quite a long time ago! After reading posts in the Rstar support it seems like it was something that only a few people actually received at the time regardless whether they signed up to emails or not.

I was and always have been signed up for there e-mails and I have never received one.

So I guess that because it was some time ago there will be no way of getting one now, you could raise a ticket on the rstar support page and ask but I would be very surprised.

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For the mailing list?


Current (or recent) offer is a paltry 200k two give them ur email addy to sell in bulk. No thanks.


The fine print says you must stay signed up to get the cash. Do they debit your account when you get tired of the spam and quit the list?


Will my trashmail account work?


Better yet, is there a human I can talk to so I cann tell them to cram the measley 200k where the sun don't shine?


Gimme 2mil and I will think about it....


I FukNRekd

Edited by FukNRekd

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Tails Prower

No free cargobob's at the moment, that was a one time offer and only a small number of players got it, I happened to be one of them but

not aware of it happening ever since.

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