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All games in order.


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I got into gta when gta 5 was released and I saw gameplay of other gta games and they look amazing as well. So I want to play all the games, considerable Vice City, San Andreas, gta 3, and gta 4. What order should I play them in and are there others I should play ad well? Thanks.

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3D Era:

If you want you could go in order with starting off the prequel to Vice City (Vice City Stories)


Vice City Stories(1984)

Vice City(1986)

San Andreas(1992)

Liberty City Stories (1998)

GTA III (2001)

(Note:GTA Advance take's place a couple month's or week's before the event's of GTA III , But that game is only on GBA)


HD Era:

GTA IV (2008)



GTA Chinatown War's(2009)

GTA V (2013)

Edited by jaljax
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Vice City Stories & Liberty City Stories are on PSP & PS2


The GTA IV DLC`s are on disc & digital , but i`d get the disc version..You can get them on PS3 & Xbox 360 & if you got a Xbox One GTA IV & The DLC`s are compatible with it.


You can get all of these at a used game store, but that`s if they`re there

Edited by jaljax
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Just found out I can get liberty city stories and Chinatown wars on my phone, so I can play all but vice city stories.

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Same here.

I have played every gta till 4 but cant play VCS as it is available only for playstation.

If you have ps4 however, just wait because rockstar is releasing vcs/lcs soon.

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If you want to play them in release order start with

GTA 3 (2001)
GTA Vice City (2002)
GTA SanAndreas (2004)
GTA Liberty City Stories (2005)
GTA Vice City Stories (2006)
GTA IV (2008)

​GTA Chinatown Wars (2009)
GTA The Lost & Damned (2009)
GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009)

They are all great games, have fun.

Edited by Brian_O_Malley
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Lock n' Stock

Like Jaljax said, you should play each game in chronological order if you want to be creative, obviously starting with the 3D Universe (from Vice City Stories in 1984 to GTA III in 2001).

Edited by Lock N' Stock
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I myself would do the games in chronological order, but it seems better for you to do them in release order.





Vice City

San Andreas









I however personally recommend IV and EFLC though. Considering it's connected with V's lore and is in my opinion, the best game in the series.

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Now, you don't want to take advice from those who think V as best GTA, right?


Just play them all in order from GTA 1, seriously. Every GTA-player should see where the series started and thanks to Toshiba-3, you can enjoy GTA 1 and London now with the Max-pack. I'm pretty sure once you have played every older GTA, you begin to see just how much GTA V fails in comparison.

Edited by piko
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I would say emulate (Or if you know how to, burn onto a CD-Rom and play it in your playstation) GTA 1, 2, and London 1969

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Ice Cream Man







OCD in me started playing GTA's all in chronically order. I was able to attain GTAVC and GTALCS via emulation. But VC straight bugged. Can't finish mission, where you try save Cassidy's booze.


In the mist of all that, came up with a unique creative way to play all GTA's in order. My plan is to start with GTA III. We all know GTAVC is first in the timeline, I decided to be more creative. Playing the game parallel to the HD release.


Step 1: Liberty Stories GTA III, GTA 4, DLC and CTW


Step 2: GTA SA, GTA V Online and GTA V


Saving Vice city for last


Sept 3: GTA VCS, GTA VC and GTA 6 ( Vice City I bet)


This way you see natural progression of all three cities.

Edited by Ice Cream Man
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  • 2 weeks later...

You'd have to play those games via Emulators.

Hey pocket/mobile gamers are really interested in this free roam world

GTA offers such entertainment what emu.?

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