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What do you like to do in GTASA outside storyline?

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Official General
4 hours ago, Evil empire said:

I replaced some peds and buildings to make the game even more agreable to look at.

I did something similar with mods.


* I added Bahama Mamas and and Tequi-La La nightclubs in Los Santos.

* I added more buildings and structures to make the cities feel more lively and interesting.

* I added peds that were coded to be in the game and not used in the final version like the pimp, street psycho, and second Latino chick. 

* I made the strippers naked for more realism. 

* I added more different gang members on the streets, not just the 3 varieties you get with each gang. 

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On 11/1/2018 at 5:27 PM, Official General said:

I 100 percent agree with you about what you said here about ENBs for SA. When I started modding SA, I was so excited to use these new ENBs that provided highly advanced visuals and graphics. I used a number of them, the best ones too, and I can tell you that you are right - they look out of place for the game, they were either too shiny, too sharp, way too detailed, or too colourful. Some had nice artistic background effect, but they were too blurry. Most importantly, all these ENBs greatly affected the game's overall performance, causing a bit too much stutter and a drop in FPS, and I decided to stop using them because of this specific reason. Besides, SA is a 14 year-old game and all these advanced ENBs just naturally don't suit the game anyway in my opinion. 


Someone gave me great advice and told me about Skgyfx and Project 2Dfx. These mods are not ENBs, as they do not change the original graphics of the game at all. Skygfx simply gives the PC version and the classic PS2 version look (which looks much better than the default PC version), but with much clear, sharper resolution. Project 2Dfx just enhances the lighting effects of light-emitting objects in the game like street lamps, traffic lights and building lights, it gives the cities and towns a more vibrant feel, but that is it. 


Use this to download both Skygfx and Project 2dfx https://gtaforums.com/topic/753764-san-andreas-downgrader/


Awesome! Thanks for that. Downloading now.

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Official General
53 minutes ago, oClucker said:

Awesome! Thanks for that. Downloading now.

No problem bro.


Just let me know what you make of it !

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