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What do you like to do in GTAV outside storyline?

Recommended Posts


Making gold marksmanship scores.

Maxing-out every possible weapon's ammo reserves.

Randomly flying with a chopper or plane.

Robbing stores.

Messing up with outfits and hairstyles.

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Ertan Soner
14 hours ago, flgta said:

I've completed the story/game for awhile and just usually dick around especially with Trevor. I'll have Radio Mirror Park on and just fly around everywhere. Run over people on the beach. For fun I like to parachute on the roof of gang territory, piss them off and then keep calling the cops on them. It's a brawl to watch. Usually with Michael, I'll listen to the radio station and drive around Vinewood Hills.


I like to put sticky bombs on the buses and then blow them up after they or I've driven off far enough to not warrant any wanted levels (sometimes). Gives a new meaning to ''BOMB ON BUS.''


Blowing up gas stations is always fun too and then having a rampage with the cops.


I wish the tank was stronger though.


Run and randomly punch everyone.


Watching Jimmy riding his bike then running him over.


I think about playing the game again because I have certain songs that pop up when switching to Michael.


Making a pile up of cars on the railroad and watch them fly around and explode.


I always run Jimmy over. It is fun to do.

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Mods, Menyoo's soul switching gun was very fun to play with. 


It turns one of the pistol (I don't exactly remember which one) into a soul switching gun. Once you aim and shoot someone, instantly you become the NPC you shoot. For example while you are getting chased by cops, you can "shoot" chopper pilot and escape as a cop with the chopper. 


Also using this and swapping characters during missions make the game glitch a lot. 

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Using mods to spawn and 'experiment' with various cars in the game for long periods of time.

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Messing around in director mode.


In story mode every chase above three stars is pain in ass.

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I haven't played the game in a looong time, but my favourite things to do outside storyline were Gun Running, Towing and just modifying random vehicles.

Edited by Tycek

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I like to try out different cars and cruise around the streets

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* I like to dress up as horror icons such as Jason Voorhees, then go around killing peds
* Skydiving from the top of the map into military zones and killing everyone. Then I take one of their jets/helicopters and do it again with some other restricted zone.
* Rob gas stations and blow up the gas tanks
* Dress up as a vigilante and patrol the streets saving people
EDIT: Also I like to get 4 stars, make a last stand at a bridge or something, when I get 5 stars and I'm about to die, I jump into the water and escape the cops.

Edited by Cryna

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I just wanted to say, few things I love about V, like all the other GTAs is just listening to my favorite radio, parked or cruising around. To me, while there are some faults, V correlates previous games into a modern era bringing it to this point and being able to have First Person View. I love the little background ambient music when flying or at the paused screen in V. I've noticed it with TBOGT too since I'm playing it recently. That's the magic in the games and brings nostalgia with the older games. I only hope VI is even better.

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Buying a new yacht for Michael and sailing around listening to Los Santos Rock Radio as the sun sets.

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